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Ethan Suplee reveals his quarantine diet and training

If there's one thing actor Ethan Suplee is passionate about, it is the fact that he has his own side of the family fridge.

Suplee shot a self-quarantine version of Gym and Fridge (with his wife as a cameraman) to show what his diet and training looked like during the closure.

You may know Suplee from Remember the Titans or Boy Meets World and yes, he looks different after his dramatic transformation. (He lost £ 200 and you can learn more about it in his podcast American Glutton .)

What does look like on his side of the fridge? You will find staple foods such as eggs, chicken, some protein drinks, rice and his Schmidts 647 bread, a product that he protects against. "If someone else in the house eats a piece of it, there's hell to pay for," he says. "It's forbidden for everyone in the house, and I sometimes see people sneaking it! It is annoying. “

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For the actor, he has a relatively easy way to stick to his diet, and many people do this regularly. He prepares to prepare everything so that he has all his proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables ready at all times.

And because he tends to eat six meals a day, it's important to just pull something out of the fridge. "I'm planning my meal pretty hard," he says. “Usually everything I eat on a given day is prepared a day or two in advance. Once I set my food for that day, I will not deviate from it. “


9 did not change Suplee's diet. Instead of trying to gain or lose weight, the actor tries to maintain it. What you won't find on his side of the fridge: whipped cream or cake bowls. But he wants one thing that stays on his side. "I really like La Croix, but with a wife, four daughters, and a friend of a daughter in the house, each case lasts about ten minutes."

As for his breakfast, Suplee has a very interesting analogy to making his protein shakes, a staple in his daily diet. "When you cook a piece of protein, a really good cook can hear the hiss when it comes to the crescendo of caramelization," he says, shaking his protein shake generously. "In the same way, a really trained person – like me – can hear the consistency of a protein shake change."

Suplee then takes the viewer to his home gym. Even though he has the basics for the gym (weights, an elliptical trainer, an assault bike), he can't buy any other equipment because all of the fitness equipment is sold out.

So he had to adjust his training, mostly weights to failure. “[Workouts] takes a long time because the weights I have are so light. Since I have nothing difficult, I do a lot more repetitions and go to failure every day. "

With his continued fitness goal of gaining muscle, he tries to maintain this in his home fitness routine, which he admitted, is hard to get an intense workout. "When it's hot outside, I don't turn on the air conditioning and sweat a little bit more – this is an intensive workout for me these days."

And for those looking for more details: Suplee loves his workout playlist to change Does Crossfit feel good for "young people with good knees" and his dream training partner because of his mood? It's The Rock because "it's pretty bad".

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