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Emily Skye sets the record on the aesthetic benefits one can expect from weightlifting

More and more women are comfortable with lifting dumbbells and dumbbells during training, rather than relying on heart and body weight exercises. While some try to increase their strength and power, others lift to achieve a certain aesthetic. Emily Skye, the Australian fitness influencer, has a message for these women. She has recently gone to Instagram to share her view of why it is simply not realistic to pursue only the appearance-based benefits of weightlifting. (Did you know that more women are trying to gain weight through diet and exercise?)

As a fitness trainer and influencer, Skye says she often hears women say they do not want to be "bulky" or that they do not want to I just want to make her buttocks muscles grow and nothing else. "Every day I hear these things from women [sic]," she wrote. "So many women are still afraid to lift heavy weights, and they seem to have that obsession of making a big booty without growing their legs." (Look at these 15 transformations that will inspire you to lift weights.)

Skye further stated that it is impossible to grow your glutes without building strength in your quads and thigh muscles. "They're all connected and working together, there's absolutely no way to just isolate the glutes and train them hard enough to stimulate growth without your legs working and growing," she wrote. "If it were possible to only strengthen and grow the gluteal muscles, and not the legs, you would actually have difficulty standing and walking, because you would be so unbalanced!" (See: What really happens when women lift heavy weights?)

This does not mean that are not workouts specifically geared to the glutes. "They're very effective in strengthening gluteal muscles, but you also train other muscles," Skye explains.

For women who feel their legs "swell" as they lift weights, Skye set the record in her post. "In general, these women have fat on the muscle that makes their legs seem" bulky, "but it's just that they still have a layer of fat that hides their" tight "legs," she explains ,

To clarify their point of view, the fitness influencer said how her legs appeared when she gained fat during pregnancy to look "much bigger," but in reality, her body simply kept more fat in this area. "After removing a lot of the fat that sits on the muscle, my legs were much slimmer," she wrote. (Need more persuasion? Here are 5 reasons why lifting heavy weights * does not make you mass-build.)

Conclusion: Take the term "mass" out of your vocabulary and absorb the power and power that comes with it You can win by weightlifting. Skye says for herself, "Do not be afraid of the muscle ladies. To be strong is WONDERFUL!"

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