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Emily Skye is fine after pregnancy with the lost skin around her abdominal muscles

Loose skin is a completely normal pregnancy effect, and Emily Skye treats her as such. In a recent Instagram, the influencer has stated that she is totally cool and has wrinkled skin on her abdominal muscles.

"The wrinkled skin could be there forever, but who cares!" She drew the selfie of her bending. "No one is perfect and there is no reason to worry about things that you can not change, I just focus on being fit and healthy and being the best I can be! And hey, I can definitely see abdominal muscles peeping through the wrinkles. "

Many The commentators showed that Skye had posted the photo and wrote messages such as "Thank you for being genuine" and "Thank you for sharing this, I'm so ashamed." (Next: This Swedish Influencer is the dose of reality your Instagram feeds need)

Skye was born just over a year ago, and she kept it up both during and after her pregnancy. Immediately after giving birth, she admitted that she was frustrated with her slow body progress after the baby and "hardly recognized" her body. She has also opened up to her followers about her experiences with post-baby blues.

Last month, she posted an Instagram about dealing with bloating and joked that she looked pregnant again. "It's crazy how different your body can look from one day to the other! Some days I'm thin with visible abdominal muscles, no bloating or fluid retention, on other days I can barely see my abs and my stomach is blown up like a balloon! "she wrote in the post.

Skye is nothing if not consistent in talking. Not only does she write about moments of body acceptance like her "wrinkled skin" image, she also writes moments of frustration, and we are obsessed with everything.

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