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Eddie Hall shares Abs Change after a month of 100 situps a day

Since the beginning of the quarantine, the strong Eddie Hall has been posting videos of his home workouts, including variations that are suitable for the whole family. But Hall's latest training video is something else. A time-lapse of his efforts to lose weight and train his core by doing 100 situp repetitions daily for a month.

It's the kind of fitness challenge you see everywhere on YouTube – but not what you might expect a huge strong man to do. Hall explains that it is all for his mission to prepare for his upcoming boxing match with strong rival Hafthor Bjornsson.

At the beginning of the month, Hall weighed 385 pounds, which is well below the 440 pounds. He weighed when he won the world's strongest man in 201

7. In addition to the situp challenge, he reduced his calorie intake and left heavy weight lifting in favor of more cardio training and activation exercises. "Strength training when trying to lose weight is really not the way to go," he says, "but I keep the strength there."

Hall disassembled the 100 repetitions each day and did as many repetitions as possible. He can do it in one continuous session – around 40 on Day 1. At the end of the month, his stamina increased significantly. "I tried to do 100 situps at once, but in the end I did as many situps as possible and then I did 100 situps in the second half," he says. "When I started, the best thing I could do was about 40. By the third week I got about 70 to 75 situps at a time, then I would do the last 235, 30 situps at once." [19659005] This content is imported from YouTube. You may find the same content in a different format, or you can find more information on the website.

At the end of the month, Hall is noticeably slimmer because he has lost fat in the abdominal area with visible abdominal muscles. He weighs 366 pounds; that's a loss of almost 20 pounds.

"I feel great for it," he says. "All the excess fat is gone, my abdominal muscles are massively coming out, so I'm very happy with the results. Obviously I did a lot more cardio; cycling, swimming, a lot of boxing and I've completely changed my workout. Of course, the muscle mass lose weight slightly, so the weight loss will also be a bit of muscle mass. Which is fine, I have to get everything down … I don't. I don't think I will go into the ring with over 100 pounds. "