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Eddie Hall attempts a world record shot put training video

The tough Eddie Hall messed up his typical heavyweight training routines as he prepares for his much-anticipated boxing match against rival Hafthor Björnsson. Hall has shown everything from his leg exercises to his day off cardio routine lately – but he’s also had fun playing frisbee with plates and arm wrestling. Now he’s again having a fun day of training, testing his strength by trying the Olympic shot put.

Hall does the attempt without formal training, but that doesn’t stop him. He decides to make it a contest with a friend by using a shot that weighs 7.26 pounds, which is roughly 16 pounds. They also decide to do a quick Google search for the current world shot put record, set at 23.1

meters by American Randy Barnes in 1990.

“Wow, it’s been there for 30 years,” says Hall. He hits the record for an under 20-year-old who is 18.7 meters tall and decides to use that as a benchmark.

You pull out an open roller measuring tape to mark the measurement.

“I’m really interested to see what I can do because I mean, it’s great to be big and strong, but translating that into functional things like this is a whole different concept,” says Hall.

He wraps his wrist and chalked his hands in preparation.

Pat, his friend, is up first. He sets the shot 9.3 meters.

Next comes Hall, and his attempt only reaches about nine feet.

After another round with similar results, the guys are amazed.

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“I think we need to analyze and study how to throw a shot put for a brief second,” says Hall.

You view YouTube footage and are amazed at the spin technique used by competition throwers.

“That’s incredible,” says Hall. “We have to do that then.”

Hall tries two poorly executed turns and reaches a length of 11.5 meters.

“I feel like I’m getting this now. The power is coming,” says Hall.

He throws again and reaches 13 meters – still more than 5 meters from the record he is trying to achieve and nowhere near the level of control required for a competitive throw.

His fourth throw is 13 meters, so he resets his target to reach at least 15 meters.

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In his fifth throw, he really gives everything – and still only throws at 14.5 meters.

“I can no longer walk because I’m scared of tearing my shoulder out,” says Hall. “For someone who has no Olympic throwing experience, is that good? I don’t know.”

Says Pat. “That was awful.”

“I have a new respect for Olympic putters,” says Hall. “I don’t think I’ll be starting Olympic throwing anytime soon. It hurt like hell. I was surprised how bad I was at it. I really thought I was going to get at least 20 meters.”

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