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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson releases Hobbs and Shaw's Upper Body Workout

While the rest of us slept idly on the couch on July 5, recovering from the hot dogs and beers of the day before, Dwayne was "The Rock" Johnson at the gym. Of course.

The actor took the time after vacation to turn on a massive push-pull upper body pump that can serve as a lesson for the structure of the great workout. Outfitted with an extra-long version of his now-famous Famous Tail Cloth, The Rock wrote that he published the training as a tribute and metaphor for his upcoming film Hobbs and Shaw .

My Killer HOBBS & SHAW Giant Set. Push the pain behind you into progress. My goal with @HobbsAndShaw was to create a new, cool, fun and exciting franchise for the global audience. And to do that, you have to commit yourself to being an absolute beast at all levels ̵

1; ready to disrupt, raise the bar, and change the game. Remember, when you are physically and mentally pushing past obstacles, the effectiveness of your immediate goals surpasses anything much greater.

During training, The Rock rips off the chaos of the upper body for three full minutes. First, he strikes seated cable flies to prolong the time in tension and stimulate muscle growth. Next up is a sitting row that also provides plenty of support and uses the MH Fitness Award-winning Rot8 grips to better isolate the back muscles affected by the exercise. Then he goes with a chain to the dive station to fetch one of his favorite drop sets, and adds a boost to the draft. To finish the sentence, he makes a breast-assisted row to deal with another nasty exercise to pull back.

All in all, these are four hard chest and back exercises done in about the same time that your slowest buddy needs to go through a set of bench presses – which means you do not want to take this workout lightly. Men's Health Fitness director Ebenezer Samuel advises that this is "something you would only do if you work on an upper / lower division (Day 1 train upper body, Day 2 train lower body) body is pretty intense. "

To see the result of all this sweat and scratch, the next film of The Rock, Hobbs and Shaw will be released on August 2nd.

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