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Dr. Pimple Popper shows in a new YouTube video a lipoma AND a cyst

• In a new YouTube video released Monday, Dr. Sandra Lee – also known as dr. Pimple Popper – a patient with a lipoma and a cyst.
• In particular, the cyst is a sight worth seeing; it has so much breakdown!
• Probably the best part of the video is that the patient's wife is responding to the camera.

We have a double header, people!

In a new YouTube video released on Monday, Dr. Pimple Popper – Treats us with a lipoma and a cyst within 22 minutes. It is our lucky day!

The lipoma comes first, and it does not come out easily. As Lee struggles with fat growth, she explains why lipomas form at all. They occur, she says, when "a fat cell decides to make copies of itself and create its own little utopia under the skin."

Next comes the cyst. Strap on, people, because this is HUGE. Preliminary compression of the incision results in a lot of oatmeal-like garbage, and then, if you think that there might not be anything else in it … THERE'S MORE! So much more. Finally, Lee empties the cyst and manages to cut out the bag.

"Who passed quickly to the cyst when you realized it was second?" A commentator wrote under the video. This must be the best novelty in a long time! A lipoma and a really good cyst in "e video, shit, we are spoiled !!!" She has sound effects and everything!

"The coarser it looks, the more it likes it," explains the patient.

Watch the latest YouTube video from Dr. Pimple Popper at:

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