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Double with the Derricos on TLC

  • TLC’s new show, Double up with the Derricosfollows a family with 14 young children.
  • Parents Deon and Karen have quintuplets, triplets, and two pairs of twins, all of whom were naturally conceived.
  • In this exclusive clip from episode 2 of Double up with the DerricosDeon has to take care of the brood while a pregnant Karen is in the hospital.

    Imagine that you and your partner had eleven young children. Now imagine it is up to you to take care of everyone – because your partner is in the hospital preparing for the birth three more.

    This is a reality for Deon Derrico, father of (now) 1

    4 children and star of TLC’s new documentaries. Double up with the Derricos. The show, which premiered on Aug. 11, follows Deon and wife Karen as they work to raise their massive brood, which consists of quintuplets, triplets, and two pairs of twins – all designed naturally. (According to a press release from TLC, both parents have many multiples in their family.)

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    “TLC has always been home to extraordinary families, and with multiple multiples, the Derricos take ‘extraordinary’ to a whole new level!” TLC President and General Manager Howard Lee said in a statement. “They bring a fresh voice, perspective and willingness to share their culture and values. And while their size may be unique, their story is generally understandable – devoted parents trying to raise their children the way they can as they navigate the ups and downs of life.

    In an exclusive clip from Episode 2 of the new series, Deon tries to take care of the children while Karen lies in bed in the hospital – and things don’t go well. As he sits on the couch, his young children literally climb all over his body like young children usually do.

    “It’s very hectic here,” says Don. “Having to run the household is a lot. It’s just – it really stresses you everywhere.”

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    His 7-year-old son Denver doesn’t have much faith in Deon’s ability to hold it all together. “Dad will never make it,” he tells the camera.

    Deon looks calm on the outside, but you get the feeling that he’s about 0.7 seconds away from imploding from the stress of the situation.

    “Planning for any family is a huge challenge,” says Deon. “But if you have 11 kids doing all kinds of activities, that’s a lot. So I have to come up with a better plan.”

    For what it is, check out the exclusive video above.

    Double up with the Derricos airs Tuesdays on TLC at 10 p.m. ET / PT.

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