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Dolph Lundgren Talks & # 039; Creed II & # 039; His Hollywood comeback and stay in shape

  Dolph Lundgren Talks & # 039; Creed II & # 039; His Hollywood comeback and staying in combat form "title =" Dolph Lundgren Talks & # 039; Creed II & # 039; His Hollywood comeback and staying in combat "/>

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To rewrite the late, great Rick James, nostalgia is a damned drug. Reboots and remakes from the 80s and 90s can be found everywhere and appear on major TV networks. Pop culture icons that had gained their fifteen-minute celebrity decades ago are back for five more. Some of these revivals are more welcome than others. Roseanne, Fuller House, Dynasty, and Charmed are just a few who have come, gone or gone. New movie versions of The Crow, Escape From New York and other great films from past decades are in the works. They even return Alf .

Perhaps the most intriguing addition from the '80s hits the theaters on November 21

st. Ivan Drago, the menacing Russian villain of Rocky IV. returns to Creed II. Dolph Lundgren, an unknown Swedish martial artist and actor, when Sylvester Stallone selected him for Rocky Balboa's opponent, will bring Drago back to life.

A sequel to Creed, the critically acclaimed 2015 release, Creed II gives us an Ivan Drago we could never have expected. Rocky IV, was the Russian fighter more machine than a human, a robot warrior who became a symbol of Soviet rule from birth. Drago killed Apollo Creed in the ring before Balboa demanded revenge and humiliated the Russian super-fighter in the film's climate fight.

Although Ivan Drago was a flat caricature, Lundgren's charisma and presence brought the one-dimensional character to life. With his angry look and memorable lines, he was a hypnotizing villain who enjoyed hate, even if he threatened Western civilization. As Drago growled, "I must break you," in his strong Russian accent, one million bad imitations were launched around the world. If Rocky IV were made today, Ivan Drago's memes would drown the Web.


Creed II has a very different Drago. Not just older, but distinct, with a rich background story and psychological complexity. The film focuses on the clash between Adonis (Michael B. Jordan), the son of Apollo Creed, and Ivan's own offspring, Viktor, played by 27-year-old newcomer Florian Munteanu. (You may remember the title of last month.) While the plot is a closely guarded secret, expect Creed II to deliver the same charged, character-driven drama as the first Creed.

"You see a lot of vulnerability and human emotions," says Lundgren of Ivan in Creed II. "It starts with a lot of frustration and anger over what happened 33 years ago and life He has since lived. "

The film's director, Steven Caple Jr., knew he had to contend with a pop culture legend and the great expectations that go with it.

"It's no secret that Ivan Drago is one of the most beloved villains in our lives," says Caple. "The phrase that I hear most often from fans is," When he dies, he dies. "

I think the fans will continue to love the Drago character for whom he was in Rocky IV and will love him for the person he became in Creed II. [19659003] So did Ivan Drago go all in? Not quite, he's entitled to an AARP card and prefers to take a nap before dinner, and like all men of a certain age, he has a few regrets along the way Creed II has the dramatic bow that Lundgren wants to see in other films.

"It's a medium-budget drama, with no special effects, no superheroes, but real human drama," Lundgren notes. "It's like one of those movies I was younger than me, like The Godfather and Scarface. There are only a few and far from each other.

Much is said about Lundgren's undervalued acting that he was able to escape the cartoon-like Drago character to build a long-term Hollywood career. Shortly after Rocky IV, Lundgren took on another iconic 80s role as He-Man in Masters of the Universe and earned himself a starring role in the blockbuster Universal Soldier. While moving away from Hollywood for some time to raise his daughters in Europe, Lundgren has had a fixed work schedule over the past 30 years and has appeared mainly in action films, including the inevitable Sharknado (19459013). Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, (if you keep track). His old buddy Stallone also knocked on him to join the cast of The Expendables . Lundgren played again for writing.

"When I got the script Expendables I saw a character introduced as a" drunken Swede with a knife "and I knew who I was playing Lundgren.

Family Gang

The revival of Lundgren gained in power this year when he was recruited as [Neman] in the new Epan of Aquaman . Nereus is the father of Mera (played by Amber Heard), Aquamans love interest. But even if he played the King of the Sea, he was far from coping with the challenges he faced in the deep waters of Creed II (19459012).

"Emotionally, Creed II ] was much more challenging," Lundgren admits. "The director was very good. He really dug deep for everyone. Me, Stallone, everyone. He did not let anyone off the hook. You have to get to this real place – in my case in almost every scene, because all my stuff is pain, anger, and pain.

Caple found Lundgren to be the challenge.

"It was extreme. It's important to create a story that allows viewers to finally understand Ivan Drago," says the director. "It was incredible how Dolph transforms into the character we've been asking for 30 years, and the more Dolph did, the more we all learned about Ivan, especially in the context of being a father." 19659003] Great boxing films contain backgrounds of the Tolstoy depth. Lundgren shared his own experiences, the struggles and struggles of his life. He found familiar soil with Drago. The two have lived together for a long time.

"If you are misunderstood and misunderstood as a nobody, you will think of moments that fit your own life," says Lundgren. "This is a fight that every actor knows, especially if you're from Europe and a big guy."

Personal moments came back to him and gave him a way in Ivan's torment.

"The loss of my father – I had a very difficult relationship with him, so I needed some of it," says Lundgren The whole theme of the film is family, it's about Drago's family, about Rocky Balboa's family, and about Adoni's Creed's family. "

Luntgren was on screen and switched off to ally with his son, Munteanu is another European like Lundgren Importer who came out of obscurity into a Hollywood release, taking him under the wing of the seasoned Swedish actor, meant a lot to Munteanu, who formed a bond not unlike a father-son relationship.

"Everyone said "It's unbelievable what connection we have with each other," says Munteanu. "We're still connected, we're still stuck, we're still writing, I think that this verbin remains forever.

 Dolph Lundgren's Upper Body Workout

Fighting Shape

In Creed II, Ivan is no longer a blond Adonis, but gray and drawn, with a slight softness of the Middle Ages on the once hardened edges , Part of the older Ivan Drago was part of the cast. At 61, he is still in great shape, his Swedish genes give his body a Viking tenacity. Lundgren is committed to his training program, although he has undergone some surgery in recent years, not for men of his age who have been training hard all their lives, this is unusual.

Coach Chris Skogberg helped Lundgren with his injuries as he prepared for the hard effort to become Ivan Drago again. Says Lundgren: "Chris is a very smart man you've had injuries, you need someone who really knows what they're doing so far as to be able to compensate for the problems you may have. The training requirements change with age. Despite its dramatic weight, Creed II has plenty of battle scenes. Caple needed Lundgren to get in shape to take off the role. The director gave him rave reviews. "Everyone should strive to be in Dolph's physical condition regardless of age," says Caple. "His physical ability contributed significantly to the training sequences between Ivan and Viktor. It really was an abbreviation for these characters on the screen.


For his part, Lundgren welcomed the chance to appear on screen as a beleagured version of Drago.

"Drago has bad teeth, pale skin, gray hair," he says. "Some of them were my idea. I realized that it's good for me to look more like a character actor in the long run than an action star, because then I can do other jobs. I do not have to be excited and kick my ass. "

At this moment of his career, Lundgren is ready to be considered a different kind of actor. He has always been a professional in the industry, but is looking for meatier topics.

"Perhaps between Aquaman and Creed II, fewer people will hire me to kick ass and more to tell a story. I mean, I think I'm still being asked to do these first two things, but as you get older, you can bring more to the table. "

And Ivan Drago? He is also due for a revaluation.

"There is some salvation for him and it comes in a very unexpected way," reveals Lundgren. "It's always cool to think you've found someone out and you do not."



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