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Dolph Lundgren and Florian Munteanu on Creed 2, training routines

A father and a son are sitting on a picnic bench in a sunny bar in a part of Brooklyn strewn with post-apocalyptic warehouses for photo shootings. The younger man is Florian Munteanu. He is 28 years old, a boxer and fitness model born in Germany and raised in a family that had fled Romanian-controlled communist Romania by Nicolae Ceauşescu. The older man is Dolph Lundgren. He is 61, a damaged Swedish nerd and survivor of Hollywood's action wars of the 1980s.

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In 1985 Rocky IV, sent us Lundgren, the indestructible Killing Machine of the USSR. The film was created during the last battles of the Cold War and was a massive reef on Realpolitik in every respect: buffoonish, xenophobic and totally exciting. And Drago ̵

1; tremendously loud, almost dumb and radiant (always glittering) – was a perfect embodiment of the theoretical Russian evil. He was built "death from above" in a lab by white-faced, crazy Soviet scientists (who basically, when they thought about it, invented advanced analytics). He murdered Apollo Creed and broke Rocky's heart, and we can never forgive him. But the reason why he is still in our heads is that his image is frightening. Like Kubrick or any of the French authors, Ivan Drago was a pure cinema: image and sound.

This year with Creed II, Drago is back – and he brought his first-born, Viktor Drago. a long. In a development that is stupidly inevitable and indisputably good, Munteanus Viktor will face Adonis Creed of Michael B. Jordan – the long-lost son of Apollo, the man Ivan killed in the ring . Our global conflicts, our ideals of strength, our relationships with our fathers – what has not changed since the moment Apollo reached the screen? And somehow the seemingly 2-D figures are here to deal with all these revolutions. We are in the fifth decade of the Rocky franchise, and I sincerely hope that we will have five more.

The two tall men sit side by side – Munteanu in a classic vintage Bulls zipper, Lundgren in a tight white T-shirt and Buddhist prayer beads. I feel like their combined width could block the sun. (Of course, I knew that Lundgren was a big guy, Munteanu's size made me jump up.) When we exchanged nice things, the four-meter-wide Munteanu clutched a hand to my shoulder and hugged me effectively, fumbling to correlate my movements I leaned for a hug in his big chest that none of us had expected.) In Creed II, they are playing a torture – is there another way – father and son mating. In real life, they show a simpler relationship.

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Lundgren drives Munteanu to tequila Drinking shots, which reminds her of a big night. "Remember the Russian singer? Out of the Russian restaurant? "Munteanu says," Then she's still writing to me! "Lundgren tries to get Munteanu to tear down a sloppy Joe, a food that understandably confuses the Europeans completely.Munteanu gets a blue cheese double burger he does Waiting patiently for the bartender to bring a fork and a knife.

Soon after they poured, Lundgren and Munteanu started working together in LA "When you train toge," says Lundgren, "you develop a very pure respect in front of the person. "For Munteanu there were echoes of his childhood, in Munich gyms with his father, an obsessive boxing fan. "I immediately felt like going back in time with my father."

When Lundgren shot Rocky IV (19459008), he was the same age that Munteanu is now. The age difference was his own inspiration. "If I could put him in something," says Lundgren, "that was enough for me. And I thought, as I watched Florian "- he turns to the young man -" There will be a day when you can not do that anymore. Some people are driven by it. It is part of my life. And it's great to see someone who can do that and has a bright future, which is this physical person. "

  image [19659014(TheDieBaristhasbecomelitteredwithyoungpeople(esteemedbirthdates:post- Rocky V, at least) that absolutely crush their after-work frogs. We talk a while longer, loose Muscle-bound sizes, Munteanu wants to imitate now, of course, Sly, of course, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Seagal! Lundgren claims: "You could equip Steven Seagal with a camera, he could now fight with five guys." We look around the room, and young men clichés in flannels and beards.

"Do you think you could fight these guys?" I ask.

Munteanu smiles, Lundgren attacks a target for him: "Maybe this fat guy back there. . "

Then Lundgren thinks of his own life in mirrored power-rooms." I realize, shit, how many times did I go to the gym? millions and millions? " And somehow I enjoy my body more than at 27 years. All gladiators and great warriors have their heroic achievements. And even the strongest man will eventually become old and frail. You just want to push it as far as possible.

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I accompany our check and until I come back, Lundgren and Munteanu come They have turned against each other and are drawn into an intensity that is inaccessible to me is.

"You must see why you are the way you are," I hear Lundgren say.

Munteanu, the petitioner, nods with solemnity. "Exactly."

A Brooklyn Bar is One Way Away from where the two men started. Munteanu was discovered by a Bucharest entrepreneur named Eduard Irimia, founder of a young MMA league called the Superkombat Fighting Championship. Irimia tries his best to brand him Florian "Big Nasty" Munteanu. To this end, Munteanu has intense brown eyes and Anthony Mason-style buzz-cut stylization. But all calculated intimidation is melting in the alleged serious puddle of Big Nasty. On his Instagram are at least three photos of him posing in front of the same piece of A. Angels Wing Street Art. When I ask him how he likes the food in the States, he answers, "I like it. For example, I like cheesesteaks. "Really wanted to hurt sagtLundgrenMeineMutterdieanderenerhatsienieangerührtIchhabeihngeliebtundichhabeihninvielerleiHinsichtimmernochnachgeahmtAberichhatteeineZeitinderich . " "

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was as Lundgren early 20s, he was the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in moved to the University of Sydney, where he just graduated as a freelancer for safety at rock concerts, and one night Grace Jones – pop star, actress, radical esthete – played a show in the city and discovered the ingenious Raufler and brought him that night in their hotel Then she took him to the '80s in downtown New York. He met Warhol. Bowie Michael Jackson. Gianni Versace personally made leather pants for him. He celebrated in Studio 54 and in Limelight and in the tunnel, where the VIP rooms contained menus of prescriptions for sale.

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<p class= He & # 39; s been admitted to MIT, one of the largest engineering schools in the Universe, for a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, culminating in the dream of his father, Er He decided to go to New York and then landed Rocky IV (19459008), which immediately made him famous. "I was rushed into the business very quickly," he says Shock, and the aftershocks lasted seven, eight, or nine years after it happened.

Lundgren took part in the role – Master of the Universe, Universal Soldier, Johnny Mnemon ic – though he readily admits he does not know how to act. "I made a lot of money and I could meet another young lady every night if I wanted." But on screen: "I did not know what I was doing. I had no skills.

Despite the success, he had never really worked through his anger at his father. "It's very difficult to raise your hands against your parents. At the time when I was strong enough to win him back, there was no reason. Beat up an old man? For what happened years ago? "

Munteanu's family supported endlessly. His mother was a lawyer, his father a dermatologist. In search of opportunities in Western Europe, they left the small Romanian city of Târgu-Mureş without informing their family members. "In times of communism, you had to live a censored life," Munteanu says with a shrug. "They fled on foot and by car. They have decided that they do not want to have children under these circumstances. After the dictator was murdered and they were safe, they decided to have me. "Munteanu was born in the fall of 1990, ten months after Romanian army generals carried out a coup that executed President Ceauşescu by firing squad.

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<p class= Before Lundgren shot Creed II about Spring in Philly (19459007), Lundgren reconsidered his starring role. "I wanted to feel the nightmare he felt in the end" – after Drago has lost Rocky. Lundgren believes Drago has spent the decades since Driftless, Bankrupt, Bitter, Betrayed. Leaving his country. Can not cope with his fall. "Basically, life became hell."

Munteanu had a minor collapse after the shoot – sullen and nailed battle choreography for 14 hours. It took me a month to be Florian again. I told Dolph: We never smiled in this movie. "Before the shoot began, director Steven Caple Jr. had Munteanu do a therapy session with an acting coach, revealing every painful moment he could remember. "I had to tell all the dark and deep moments that I have experienced in my entire life. He knew everything. Later, during filming, Caple used the real incidents as a trigger to get Munteanu to fit into the character.

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And if that did not work, all the Munteanu had everything to do, glanced at Lundgren. "I looked him in the eye, I could read the pain in his face, and so it was easy for me to endure the pain."

The fact that a Swede and a Romanian Lundgren said, "We're arguing and trying to get emotional," and we really do not know what we're saying. "[BythewayrelationsbetweentheUSandRussiawerenotsocoldendoftheUSSR Creed II will not focus as much on geopolitics as Rocky IV, but Lundgren breaks: " I think e that marketing is pretty good. "

" So no, Putin cameo? "I ask.

Munteanu laughs." He did not fight. "

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<p class= [19459017afterbasking19919019] and I say goodbye to Munteanu and say goodbye Munteanu's buttery seats of a massive black GMC Yukon The truck crosses the Ed Koch Bridge and moves slowly, yacht-like, through the suffocating Midtown traffic. I have a few more questions that I should ask Lundgren. Something more personal.

Lundgren's father dies In 2000, about the same time his career began, which he called a "dive". For the next ten years, he mainly starred in direct sales of videos, and his marriage to Anette Qviberg largely broke out in these years to his own known unfaithful: they had raised two daughters together in Marbella, on the south coast of Spain, far away from Hollywood The connection from the industry to the industry was frayed. He knew that. He was less concerned about his career than his personal well-being. He had something to do. When he met Jenny Sandersson, his current partner, she urged him into therapy and daily meditation. He spoke repeatedly and openly about how much everything helped.

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We glide along 57th Street towards Lundgren's luxury hotel in Central Park South. He thinks back to his first encounter with the city when Grace Jones brought him here all those years ago, before anyone cared who he was. He had met Sylvester Stallone and was auditioned for Rocky IV. But he still had not got the role that would change everything.

He would walk around the city practicing his Ivan Drago and be as quiet as possible. Warren Robertson, his legendary acting coach at the Strasberg School, said to him, "Do not move at all. Do not do anything. "Lundgren did not tell anyone that he was ready for the role." I did not want them to make fun of me. "

During the screen test in a soundstage studio at MGM, Lundgren kicked two other, huge, blonde Behind the cameras were dozens of people with Stallone, all sorts of unknown, meaningful-looking people in suits.The other big blonds had a superior Russian Mr. T.

Lundgren laughs and imitates their horrible Slavic accents: "I'll make you keeeeeeel!"

He played it cool. "I just stood there and fought the urge to do something." He clicks and remembers the simple, muffled monologue he'd delivered He barely talks over a whisper. "My name is Drago, I'm a fighter from the Soviet Union." That was it, Stallone called him a few days later, Lundgren was down in the village with Jones, and now he's making a very g utes, shamed, seed names. "You have the role, boy."

Fittingly, Sly pulled Lundgren out of his home video purgatory in 2010 by calling him The Expendables. "That brought me back to the big screen," he says. Well, with Creed II, after all these decades in the movie, he will finally be acting a bit. "I do not know why it turned out that way. Maybe people will now get a different energy than me.

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He also says he forgave his father. "Did you ever tell him that?" I ask.

"I did not do it, I could not talk about it, he hid everything he did, he was in so much pain, anyone who beats up his own child or wife comes from their trauma He also had a very difficult childhood, you know, he was a little boy, sometime too scared. "

  image [19659014(WheneverillitwasfirstunderstoodunderLundgrenward"Iwhenyourfoundwithinunderstoodthatyouwantthemeforeallfail-lovers"StillLundgren:"IchdenkejeTaganihn"[19659004] Repeatedly Lundgren found himself with substitute figures of the father: karate teacher, drama teacher, even Stallone, and inevitably playing Ivan Drago again – since the character has blossomed into a twisted, manipulative father looking for salvation through his son, It struck a nerve Because I had to be the other one, "says Lundgren." I had to be him. "Also on his Bildschi Looking for him, he found it hard not to compare life. "Florian, he is much more selfish," said Lundgren. "As a child, he received love and attention. "

Earlier, when we were at the bar, Munteanu and Lundgren had been upset that someone who was watching Creed II (19459008) might find themselves for the Dragos, after all, Donnie Creed and Rocky Balboa the Rich! The Dragos are down looking for what everyone is looking for in a boxing match: One Last Shot On Redemption.

Lundgren was not so sure, but Munteanu insisted. "People are shocked You underestimate him, underestimate his ability as an actor, you may only see him as a "malicious motherfucker who wants to destroy everything." You'll be fascinated by how he plays Ivan Drago now. "

Is it possible? That the Rocky franchise now lasts so long that she could afford all of human character to all characters of Ivan Drago?

Munteanu assured me, "There will be tears.

Amos Barshad has written for Fader, Grantland, The New Yorker, and The New York Times Magazine.

This article appears in the December, 18 issue of Men's Health.

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