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Do you need an additional incentive to exercise at home? How about prices!

At the beginning of the COVID-19 suspension, you may have been motivated to exercise at home. After all, for many of us there wasn't much else to do. However, we will be in a few weeks and your zeal for exercise may have waned.

What do you do when this happens? You take part in a competition and try to win fantastic prizes with your training! We partnered with Fresh Fitness Food and Unit Nine to offer a fantastic prize package that includes both free food and home training equipment.

Fresh Fitness Food is one of our most popular food delivery services and offers you and your training goals. For this delicious price, Fresh Fitness Food offers a three-day meal plan and nutritional advice worth £ 1


Unit Nine offers world-class exercise equipment that is sure to improve your home workout significantly, and if you do, you will be the lucky winner of this competition receive a free home training pack worth £ 59.99. The pack contains resistance bands, mini bands, sliders, a jump rope and much more. If your motivation for home training wanes, a new kit is a great way to get it back!

To enter the contest, all you have to do is take a picture of your home workout, whether it's a sweaty, smiling selfie, the end, or an action taken during the session. Share this picture with the hashtag #WorkOutFromHome and follow @getcoach, @freshfitnessfood and @unit_nine on Instagram. We will choose our favorite shot and announce the winner on Friday May 22nd. (Here are the terms and conditions for the competition.)

If you need inspiration for your home workouts, we have options for everyone, whether you're a beginner who's just starting a fitness kick, an experienced gym goer or a runner or cyclist who wants to support your training.

What are you waiting for? Move!

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