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Do it right every time


Are you looking for protein bites in one serving? You don't have to rely on packaged bars or protein powder energy balls. Nature already has what you need: eggs. Who would have thought you could find so much food from a chicken's asshole? Or vent, as chicken experts call it.

Thank you, chickens of the world, for giving us this versatile pleasure. You especially, Brenda the chicken. You are hardworking and hardworking and we appreciate your work ethic and your company.

(Honestly, Tilly, we know you work hard too, but Brenda takes up most of the gap here. Know your place.) [1

9659002] Anyway, they don't just tie delicious baked goods together and create all kinds of breakfast dishes (omelets! frittatas! stratas!), but can also be whipped into meringues or creamy spices with nothing but willpower – and maybe with a whisk.

But why would you make things so complicated when the humble boiled egg is something nice?

A hard-boiled egg is the perfect protein snack on the go.

When cooked gently, it can transform an English muffin into a decadent morning meal, with the liquid egg yolk acting as a built-in special sauce. Ei-ementary, my dear Watson. (Yes, there will be terrible egg yolks that go all the way. The item also has a built-in "special sauce".)


Here's the problem: It's super easy to incorrectly calculate the cooking time of boiled eggs . (If only these shells would come with a preview window!).

It is almost tragic to break into an egg in the hope that the egg yolk will become reasonably fluid just to find it completely solid.

Don't worry, we have the ultimate guide every time and in every way to perfect boiled eggs.

  How to make the perfect boiled egg every time
  1. Put the eggs in a saucepan with cold water. Make sure there is an inch of water above the eggs and avoid putting too many in the pot at once.
  2. Set the pot on high heat.
  3. If the water boils slightly around the eggs, cover the pot and put it away from the heat either to a burner that is switched off or on a pot holder on the worktop.
  4. On your marks … done … start the timer! The time is for the egg to fall during a cooking process. Use the timer on your phone, smart watch, or actual watch.

(Pro tip: add vinegar to the water to make it easier to peel the eggshells after cooking.)

Do you prefer poaching? Prepare your poaching prey here.

  • 3 minutes: White is soft and slightly cloudy, egg yolk is completely liquid.
  • 4 minutes: White is set, but soft and limp, egg yolk is still fluid, but a little firmer
  • 6 minutes: White is soft but firm, egg yolk is smooth and pudding-like [19659014] 10 minutes: White and egg yolk are completely firm, egg yolk is still creamy
  • 15 minutes: completely firm, hard-boiled egg

After boiling, immerse these suction cups in an ice water bath for one minute . Tap the counter to carefully crack and peel it. V oilà ! Your perfect egg!

Eggs are only delicious when they are fresh. Rotten eggs can have vague, earthy overtones of fart. And your breakfast is not the point at the moment.

If you are unsure whether your eggs are ready to eat or have exceeded their flowering period, dip them in a glass bowl filled with water and compare them with this practical picture. [19659002] Where the egg lands and whether it floats gives you a useful idea of ​​freshness.

  • On the bottom of the bowl: 100 percent fresh and with maximum taste
  • One corner raised: per week or so old – completely edible
  • Standing on one point: a few Weeks old – eat stat
  • Float above: super old – don't eat

Sure, you can just throw a hard-boiled egg into your mouth and call it a healthy snack. But why does Brenda make the chicken so dirty if you could make art out of her eggs?

You may have been carried away by the number of eggs you have perfected and the remnants you have to use.

You may have woken up, sweating and wondering why you haven't eaten fancy egg flour yet.

You may have missed 20 calls from hungry friends and are asking for an egg miracle.

For everyone From the above scenarios, here are some delicious options for egg-based meals:

Egg Goldenrod

This simple recipe starts with the separation of egg yolk and white. Crush the whites into an irresistible sauce and pour them over the toast you can get your hands on.

Sprinkle the egg yolk over it with a little parsley and peppers. There is no parallel universe in which this is not surprising.


This street food from the Middle East places your boilies in the middle of a charred pita next to an eggplant and whatever else you like. Versatile, eclectic and safe to satisfy your hungry friends.

Two words: breakfast pizza

Eggs can do one thing better than eggs: pizza. If you want to break your own brains, make your own pizza dough and spin whatever you want – as long as eggs are the star of the show. Or a co-star next to kale. Or bacon. Or more eggs.

An Eggy Burger wormhole

Turn your next burger into a wet, egg yolk protein bomb by freezing the raw eggs, thawing them a little before putting them in your minced meat or vegetables and frying these bad guys. Lenient? Absolutely. But think about what Brenda the chicken wants.


For those days when you can't muster the strength to tackle a whole burger, chop hard-boiled perfection and fling it into your next salad for a protein boost.

Try this classic egg salad, which also borrows the aromas of dill cucumber, chives and mustard to strengthen this beauty.

Tell Brenda that the chicken should put her feet up (maybe Tilly will finally get her butt up) and that your friends should relax.

We understand that you now have a fixation on eggs. We are with you.

While eggs are tasty, there have been concerns about cardiovascular health in the past because they can deliver a significant amount of cholesterol: 162 milligrams (mg) in a single medium-sized boiled egg. [19659053] Egg, whole, boiled or poached. (2020). https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/fdc-app.html#/food-details/783911/nutrients[19459031[19459032[19659002femalebutstillnopanicaccordingtoNationalHeartLungandBloodInstitute(NHLBI)(2005)https://wwwnhlbinihgov/files/docs/public/heart/chol_tlcpdf[19459031[19459032[19659002lightboxesundEeggsdeliveronly15gramsoffatfat19659002whenyoueateggsarenotthebadguyThinkofthisasaproteincarepackthatcontainsa55grambumpinamediumsizedegg Egg, whole, boiled or poached. (2020). https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/fdc-app.html#/food-details/339005/nutrients[19459031[19459032[19659002<EinigeBewertungenlegenauchnahedassderGehaltanAntioxidantienundNährstoffen(HalloDNA-Schutz)Cholin!)vonEiernkanndasRisikoeinerPersonfürHerz-oderchronischeGesundheitsproblemetatsächlichsenkenobwohlnichtalleForschungsergebnissezudengleichenErgebnissenführen Miranda JM , et al. (2015). Egg and food derived from eggs: effects on human health and use as functional food. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4303863/[19459031[19459032[19659002[SoHoweveryoulookthatisworthyofmentionHoweveryouExactlyhoweveryouwantTolorSwift-Songsarejustaboutyou

You should now be fully equipped to make some of them perfectly cooked eggs. It's not that easy to just throw (or carefully put) them into a pot of angry water. There is a strategy.

However, if you nail them down, you will become 4,327 percent more popular with your friends who deal with eggs. (We have no studies to prove this, you just have to take our word for it.)

What to do with the 50 boiled eggs you have on hand? How about one of these recipes?

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