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Did Hopper die in "Stranger Things 3"? Hopper lives, explains

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the third season of Stranger Things. Stop reading NOW (!!!) if you have not seen it yet.

• Chief Hopper appeared to die in the final Stranger Things 3 .
• Some hints from earlier in the season and the post-credits scene make it possible for him to still be there.
• We will certainly find out in
Stranger Things 4.

Man. Stranger Things 3 was a journey, was not it? An up and down season, in which the children were teenagers, was perhaps the easiest so far ̵

1; the eight episodes of the third season went by quickly. But at the end of those hours, the fans suffered some big losses – one, apparently bigger than the rest. But do not lose hope because we're here to say, not so fast.

As the season finale clarifies, Hopper is considered dead. After defeating the Russian Terminator, Hopper stood in the immediate vicinity of the power machine and the gate to the Upside Down. As Dustin and others shouted into the radio that the switches had to be turned and the gate had to be closed, Hopper gave Joyce an appreciative look that knew exactly what was coming. She reluctantly squeezed the counters, and it seemed our dear sweet chief had disappeared-we saw that some of the Russians had been wiped out, and when Joyce looked, Hopper was not there.

In the final scenes of the season we saw the characters who were trying to move on from what was accepted as Hoppers death. Eleven were picked up by Joyce and moved away with the rest of the Byers family (reading an emotional letter left by Hopper).

However, it is important to consider a few key elements that fit into this equation.

Think back to the opening scenes of the season. The Russians worked on a machine to open the gate, and when all the men were defeated, their leader asked them to band together: they had a year. We jump this year – we can safely assume that her team, including Dr. Alexei, a smart man who has found a way to develop and improve their technology. Would Hopper be able to survive the explosion and travel to Upside Down or maybe somewhere else instead? In the absence of body or screen death (as always, a CARDINAL rule, if it is determined who is actually dead or not) this seems unwise to rule out.

There is also the third season, which takes place after the credits begin to roll in the final. We're taken to a Russian jail where the big revelation is made: they have a Demogorgon and they chain them to torture prisoners. This revelation is a great revelation, but it is also a misguidance: before we see the monster, a single line of dialogue gives us a strong indication of where Hopper might be. "Not the American," reads the subtitle, as another prisoner is pulled out of his cell and turned into monster food. Surely, this could be another missing sign, as Dr. Brenner, but that would not be particularly climactic in terms of history. Also, keep in mind that each line is inserted into the script for a reason. The line "not the American" would not get into the ever-important credit scene for no reason.

And while this does not prevent anyone from being killed by a show, it has to be repeated: David Harbor is absolute magic on this show. For the third season in a row, he did it from start to finish and proved his skills by playing Hopper as a more reckless, yet still somewhat lovable version of himself. The show would have a large hole to fill in case of his absence; Earlier in the season, Dustin even insisted that all the "hero stuff" was left to Hop.

While we wait with bated breath for details on Stranger Things 4, we believe it is a sure thing not to spend too much time with grief at loss of Hawkins & # 39; Best Police Chief.

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