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Demi Lovato's response to a body-shaming headline about her "Fuller Figure" is epic


Photo: C Flanigan / Getty Images

If there is someone who knows how to shoot back in the face of disrespect, then Demi lovato. So if a reporter The Inquisitr wrote a headline that focused on Lovato's "fuller figure". The singer did not hold back by calling him on social media.

The original headline of the article was: "Demi Lovato It seems they have a fuller figure after sweating in LA." When Lovato saw this, she recorded her Instagram tales for her frustration with the body language of the article (See also: Why body-shaming is such a big problem (and what you can do to stop it)

"I'm more than my weight," Lovato wrote in large red letters over a captioned screenshot She even tagged the reporter to direct him directly ntable.

Lovato made it clear in the remaining Instagram stories that she is not "fired" or annoyed by the headline, rather she is "angry" that she focused on her body, especially given the fact that she has recovered so openly from an eating disorder. "I'm not angry for myself, but for anyone who is slightly off the diet can be influenced, "she wrote.

"Too many people are setting their ideal body weight today to what OTHERS say we should look or weigh," Lovato continued. "Articles like these only add to this poisonous way of thinking."

After Lovato put the reporter on Blast in her Instagram stories, he attacked her directly on the platform to apologize. "I take full responsibility for it," he wrote in a DM to the singer. "I am really sorry, sincerely, you are an incredible talent and you are right, your body is not all that you are, this is a lesson I learned [sic]."

"Thank you for your apology," Lovato replied. "I really respect you for the way you receive this message."

Lovato further emphasized that she did not want to call the reporter to hurt him. It just wanted to grab its attention and make a bigger point in terms of "these types of headlines" and how "detrimental" it can be to use such a body-shaming language so casually. (See also: I'm a fitness writer and * still * body shames when I shop.)

The article has since been updated to include an author note at the top of the story that states, "First, a sincere one "Many thanks to Demi Lovato for her grace and patience during our exchange. As I write this story with the best of intentions, I greatly appreciate and understand her view of the matter and culture in general, and I greatly appreciate her taking the time to dialogue with me about it. As Demi said to me, "With our voices we must make the biggest change on this planet." (Be sure to check out Demi Lovato's inspirational health and fitness journey.) Of course, Lovatics was still quick to defend the singer on social media, but she made sure she would get any hate that Magnocavallo had for her reconciliation had, could turn off. "Okay #Lovatics, be nice," she wrote. "I appreciate your support, but he has learned a lesson, and we never react with hate, only with love."

Shoutout to Demi and the reporter for a mature, thoughtful talk about the damage that body-shaming can cause and what it can take your mistakes. As Lovato wrote in her Instagram stories, "Change is made [by] raises your voice, speaks your truth and spreads love and compassion, not hate."

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