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Defeat the periods – do not be down! Get up and go

Why is it important to exercise regularly during your periods?

This is out there for all our girls, because boys do not have this privilege every month. How many of us feel at home in times like every other day? Do you suffer from severe cramps, bloating, mood swings, just lying on your bed watching movies with a heating pad on your stomach? Well, that sounds just like me, I've missed my work even on certain days, when the pain was unbearable, and I just slept the days.

This was me until two years ago when I discovered the healthy and active lifestyle that changed my life. This lifestyle grows with you and once you know the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, you will never stop trusting me. Because I've never done it and I've never been better. I used to get the feeling that it gets messy when I train during the periods and my pain is increased. The first three myths were debunked here ̵


I could faint if I practice during periods – Well, as long as you are well-eaten and hydrated, there is no chance of you to pass out during the workout. And not just yoga, I'm talking about weightlifting and cardio. Yes, you read that right! You can do everything in moderation as long as you have control over your body.

I could bleed heavily if I train during periods – Many of us believe that if we would exercise our flow for periods it would increase and we bleed more than usual. The fact is that it makes little difference. On the contrary, it helps to regulate your flow.

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It will further reinforce my cramps – This was my main concern and the only reason why I had never exercised during my periods and thought that the pain could increase, and what would I do then on earth? Taking lots of painkillers is not good for our bodies, and to my surprise, exercise has been my painkiller and lifesaver.

The horror stories about period exercises are completely avoidable and unnecessary, since the benefits outweigh these stories alone and if you do not already do so, there are a few reasons that will help you decide during your favorite time of the month –

Helps Your Partners and Family by Reducing Your PMS Symptoms – We all know we can be really hard to handle with the PMS, and all of our relatives have to deal with the outbursts of anger and moaning every month come, endure. But we could ease them a bit as we start training during our periods because it can greatly reduce our fatigue and mood swings that come and get us every month. Lightweight cardio, aerobics, yoga or Pilates can help alleviate the symptoms and make us happy.

Endorphins, endorphins, and other endorphins – Endorphins that will free you from these deadly convulsions – These cramps, if they do occur, can pretty much take away all your happiness and not to mention mobility. However, as you exercise, your body releases endorphins, also known as natural painkillers (happy hormones). These will give you a happy high and help you to reduce this deadly pain almost immediately. So, get rid of the harmful painkillers and help your body release these natural ones to keep you happy and painless.

Performance Booster, period! – There is a study from the University of Umea, Sweden, which states that exercise during the first two weeks of menstruation from the first day of the cycle can significantly improve performance in the prettier sex. This could help us all by improving our performance, which we can use at work, at home, or anywhere we want.

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Helps you to sleep without medication like a baby – When we are pMSing and Experience Different Moods Like anger, sadness, anxiety, etc., which are associated with agonizing pain, it is very difficult to find a peaceful sleep. Doing a run or doing some yoga exercises just before bedtime will make all the difference in the world in terms of sleep quality. Take a few easy stretches, walk down with the dogs, or just walk around a bit and see the difference when you go to bed that night. The decrease in body temperature after exercise can cause drowsy feelings and also relax the tense muscles and lift the menstrual migraine.

Women athletes participating in various events throughout the year can not ask the organizers of the events to follow the events according to their time. Well, that's exactly what can never happen in this case because so many women have different dates and cycles. But unfortunately this is not an option and they have to occur regardless of the day of the month.

You may not get into these sumo squats or 100-pound deadlifts, but lying down on comfy sofas and beds is not an option, as the benefits are plentiful and helpful. Get up and set off, and you may feel best in your next few periods. Wear these hot shorts or tank tops without guilt and set off. And do not worry, you will not get dirtier, but more sweaty and happy.

Writer – AkritiKapoor

Akriti is a lifestyle and fitness blogger with Psyched in the City – A lifestyle blog was owned and operated by her partner Anjuri. Akriti is a management specialist with over 8 years experience in the industry. Akriti has a personal connection to health and fitness when she recently discovered her love of healthy living and completely transformed herself. She decided to help others on her fitness travels after losing weight a lot.

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