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David Goggins & # 39; Cant Hurt Me & # 39; book review

"Motivation is crap."

So David Goggins introduces his new book, Can not Hurt Me . It's an early glimpse into the kind of raw, unyielding language used by the former Navy SEAL in its combination autobiography / self-help book when he tells the story of how he turned from a maltreated child to a man of welfare sitting in a dead prison. End job as a 300-pound destroyer of the thirty-sixth African American SEAL of the United States. In what Goggins calls "no pep talk," he describes his training, diet, and attitude in agonizing and colorful details. He is twice the finisher of the Navy SEAL "Hell Week" training Shins ̵

1; and as he evolves to an elite ultra-marathon runner and finally to a wild fire in Montana.

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Can not hurt me: Master your wits and oppose the odds

But Goggins can not be motivating. He pokes his eleven chapters with lines straight into a sweeping halftime speech, encourages you to "smile in pain" and insists that "victory is often due to your doing your best when you feel the worst." His main message, however, is to cultivate spiritual discipline – which the author calls a "hard mind" – so that you can penetrate your perceived boundaries.

Whether you're just starting out in life or a seasoned professional and your dream is to be a spiritual ghost, Navy SEAL, to reach the top of your job or just lead a healthier life, has Goggins & # 39 ; History important lessons for setting and achieving goals. Here are 10 lessons to learn from the toughest man in the world.

. 1 Familiarize yourself: Call the enemy.

Many stories of salvation and drastic change begin with the feeling of "bottoming out." For Goggins, this floor passed in front of the bathroom mirror and saw himself as a barely educated person on overweight high school students. It was there, Goggins writes, that he spoke to himself and interpreted all his weaknesses and fears.

"I did not dance around and say, 'My goodness, David, you're not taking your education very seriously. & # 39; 'I had to do it in the shell,' he writes. "If you do not know shit and never took the school seriously, then say," I'm stupid! "Tell yourself you need your ass to work because you're falling behind in life."

You do not have to reach a low for it. Face the mirror and be honest with yourself about your weaknesses, whether they are physical, in your career or in some of your relationships. Be honest and name the enemy. Then you know what you need to improve and have a good basis for setting your goals.

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2. Check daily with the mirror.

Goggins has a hack named "Accountability Mirror". He stuck notes around the outside and outlined not only his goals, but also small steps he must take to achieve those goals. Every day he checked these notes to hold himself accountable.

Often we make a goal, even write it down and put it in a drawer, forgetting it. If you keep an eye on your goals, you can always refresh your motivation to achieve those goals. Arnold Schwarzenegger has suggested no less than goalkeepers posting pictures of how you want to look in a place where you see it every day – like your bathroom mirror, bedroom, or the screen of your phone.

Breaking Goals Goggins may sound like basic stuff, but it really does help with long-term performance: University of Chicago scientists found that people pursuing long-term goals had immediate, small successes, but overall they were more successful focused on the long-term benefits. Using sticky notes with really small tasks that can get you to your goal can be helpful: you can check them off, put a profit on the board, and experience the satisfaction of immediate success as you drive the long-term desire forward.

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I was recently asked, "How does a hard man like you support gays, lesbians, and transgenders?" I would not answer that question, thinking, "What a stupid question. "It's a sad day you think because I'm tough I can not support the LGBTQ community You are sadly wrong Many times in my life I've been judged by the color of the skin, how could anyone think I would turn around Many cowards have talked so much shit about me without ever having had a single conversation with me, but they hate me, does that make any sense, I've had a life of setbacks, failures, and many doubts my doubts came to frighten me of how other people would accept me because I'm not white or whatever is shaped so that I'm the man I am today in my life it's not about racing It's about being proud to be you! Do not understand me because I'm a tough guy, I'm more concerned with people who have struggled in life because of them "different Before you judge someone, you have the courage to sit down and talk to them. At least then you could talk reasonably intelligently about why you do not like someone. Maybe you were raised without liking a group of people. It might be time to develop your own mind and mindset. We're so busy with money, cars, reality TV shows about fake people trying to fit in, wearing the trendiest clothes, and so on. One thing that people never talk about is the character. Before you judge someone, you should try running in their shoes. Before you open your mouth and criticize, think about how you would feel if you were the person you criticize. I can not change that I'm black and I do not want to. The same applies to all other so-called "different" people. Tons of ignorant people had almost made me believe I was less than them because I looked different. Well, they did not succeed! I'll end it … I support the LGBTQ community, blacks, whites and everyone else who tries to kick the ass of life. If that changes your mind about me, then so be it. Take a # and hit you. For those of you who do not support humanity, you can follow me as well. I'm so proud to be myself, be proud of being yourself!

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3. Visualize success.

Before Goggins ever became SEAL, he visualized it. Did not dream of it, but really experienced the success in his head: "I imagine, I go through BUD / S [training] plunge into cold water and shatter the hell week."

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This is not a groundbreaking strategy. But he did not stop: When he became an ultra-runner, Goggins drove his course and not only created a race plan, but visualized how he would feel at each point of the race, "visualized the success, but also potential challenges. "He says," You can not prepare for anything, but if you're preoccupied with strategic visualization, you're as prepared as you can be. "

Olympic lugers do the same thing before a race You can see them performing the entire course with their eyes closed and mental trajectories to guess how they will feel physically and mentally Visualization can also have non-mental results In a study, weightlifters gained training in addition to their actual training visualized in their mind, more power than those who just completed the real workout.

Take your own plan and list of tasks on the way to your goal and visualize each one: what challenges will you face, how will you become them And how do you feel when you succeed?

4 Do not skip the last repetition when you are exercising! [19659009] To qualify for Navy SEAL training, Goggins lost over 100 pounds in three months and completed daily marathon training to reach his goal. One day, when he had completed more than 100 pull-ups, he completed only eleven repetitions in his final set as he planned 12 repetitions.

The lost representative persecuted him: Goggins knew that if he cuts the corners, he would not achieve his dream. So he went back and did all the pull-up training later in the night, finishing it all after doubling for the day.

They're probably not as intense as Goggins in the gym, but they just have to pause for a while. Walking is also not good for normal guys: you've probably seen studies that suggest that lifting light weights has the same strengths and size differences can achieve like heavier weights. In each of these studies, those who had gained weight with light weights were training to failure, which meant that they could not challenge another repetition number. If you leave one in the tank at the end of your workout, you will not fail and you will not receive those winnings.

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5. Apply the progressive overload not only in your training, but also in your life.

The progressive overload is one of the most basic principles of strength training. It is the idea that you should do more work (in load or volume) in each workout or phase of your plan than last time. That way, you keep getting ahead.

Goggins suggests using this principle not only in the gym but throughout the rest of your life: if you focus on reading more, measure your past performance and use it as your new benchmark. "Read a record number of books in a given month," he says. "When you focus on intellectual growth, you train yourself to learn harder and longer than ever."

It's not always easy to measure, but if you are looking for ways to improve yourself, you can also develop outside the boundaries of the gym as well as the Iron Temple.

. 6 Celebrate your success with the work.

Wait, what? If you succeed, you probably feel that you've earned a pizza, party, or pizza party. Goggins is no stranger to celebrating with a pie – he likes to remember having eaten a whole after completing SEAL "Hell Week".

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But he also appreciates that the momentum of performance goes. After passing his aptitude test to be admitted to the Navy on his third attempt, Goggins celebrated with an epic training session: "The next morning and for the next three weeks, I spent some time in the pool, weighing 16 kilograms Belt, "he writes. "I swam underwater for 50 meters and walked the entire pool with a brick in each hand in a single breath."

When you've reached a goal, celebrate, but pile up too: let it go the momentum and attitude needed to reach this milestone, begin with your next victory.

. 7 Know why you are fighting to stay in combat.

Due to medical complications and injuries, Goggins had to endure the "hell week" of Navy SEAL training three times. It's been several days of sleepless physical testing and mental tapping to improve the ranking of the toughest in the world. And the only thing keeping Goggins running was to know the answer to a simple question: why am I here?

If you are faced with some discomfort or in a difficult situation that could set you off, Goggins says, "If you … have the answer, you will be able to make the decision your weakened one To ignore mind and carry on. Know why you are in combat to stay in combat!

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January 2001, First Day of INDOC, grade 235 In San Diego and I are looking at how people are responding to surf torture. Surf torture is when you get in touch with the person next to you and lie in the cold Pacific. That day, all I remember is this person who smiled right next to me. The instructors let us with folded arms into the sea and said: "Take a seat." As we sat down, I just thought "this shit is cold", but this person next to me on the right just smiled. As the evolution continued, he almost smiled like in another world. When the development was over, I asked him what he was thinking of, whereupon he made him smile in the 49-degree water. All he said was, "I can not believe I'm finally in BUD / s training, I've been waiting for this moment all my life." This man graduated from BUD / s and did not stop smiling all the time. He was at home when things were really bad during training – this man did not matter. Michael Murphy, nicknamed "Murph," has been awarded the highest award, the Medal of Honor. His heroic actions during Operation Red Wings on June 28, 2005 were only Murph and Murph. Murph always ran from the front with a smile on his face. This smile made even a bad situation seem like an easy day. Michael Murphy was 29 years old. He died on June 28, 2005 in Kunar province, Afghanistan. Lt. Murph never believed that he was ever out of combat. He always found a way to stay in and win. #WarriorWednesday #RogerThatMentality #BeyondMotivated

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8. Use your past successes to create your own second winds.

Goggins was not properly training for his first ultra-marathon and was, as you might expect, in agony. Determined to come to an end, he plunged into what he called a "cookie jar," a repository of memories of things he'd overcome in the past.

"Remember what you've been through and how this has strengthened your mindset lifts you out of a negative brain loop and helps you avoid these weak, one-second impulses to give in," he says "Even if you feel bad and depressed in life right now, I can assure you that you can imagine one or two times overcoming your odds and tasting success."

If you feel you are lagging behind or Fall Back, Get Yourself Collect Your Own "Cookie Box" List: Use the reminder of how you've overcome these obstacles and how it felt to get to your next win.

Goggins also set the world record for most pull-ups in 24 hours to 4030 in 2013, and he climbed Mt. Everest on a VersaClimber, 29,029 feet in three hours and 33 minutes in 2017. [1 9659042] 9. "You will feel alone. You will feel insecure. Overcome it!

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Goggins calls this his "Laws of Nature". If you strive for it, you will feel lonely. doubted, uncertain and ridiculous.

Just like the Accountability Mirror, Goggins suggests being honest with yourself: "You have to be willing to go to war with yourself and create a whole new identity."

Easier said than done: But as with the modeling for the mirror above, it also works here. Look at the people who inspire you with their success and read about how they fought (or are still struggling for): whether it has overcome financial problems like Dwayne Johnson, overcome a physical barrier like the young Theodore Roosevelt or "No" says "From almost any publisher like Tim Ferriss, there is someone you can model – to get over it.

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Since I retired from the military , I had plenty of time to think about my thoughts about past life, I often think, if only I had "settled down" in my life where I was, and if I think about it, hell really scares me In my life, I felt stupid, fat, insecure and simply out of place, I remember the myriad of times I failed and the feelings of those failings I remember sitting on my red chair and thinking, "How the hell am I ever going to get past all the roadblocks?" It seemed like a second later I'd have 10 behind me. During my reflection, I recognize one thing … There is nothing you need to succeed in life that you do not already have. The second time I have a negative experience, I would get stuck at that moment. During a conflict or a confrontation of my thoughts, I had to find out how a bad situation can work for me and not against me. I had to change the old way of thinking. Each experience improved my ability to learn lessons learned from my mistakes. The best teacher I ever had is failure. My mind made me so uncomfortable that I did the things I feared. All the answers I needed to succeed were hidden in me. As I dug them I found fear, anger, guilt, shame, insecurities, etc. I allowed my life and mind to bury myself while I was still very much alive. I needed to clear my mind before I could use the truth in it. Until I found a meaning in my life, I slowly dug my own grave and gave people the shovels to help digging. #RogerThatMentality #BeyondMotivated

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10. The harder you try, the harder your life will be.

In fact, Goggins said this in a time of despair: When he got an injury that had thrown him out of the SEAL training for the second time, he logged this complaint to his mother

But it's not just a complaint: It is a reality for those who aspire to great things and it is the core of this inspiring book. It is relatively easy to glide through life doing the bare necessities. The achievement is difficult. The harder you try, the more difficult life becomes – to your advantage.

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