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Dave Rienzi, the trainer of rock, explains his leg-day workout

If you have an Instagram account and fitness (or movies or anything else), you're probably one of the 136 million people who follow Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. In other words, you've seen footage of his legendary training program, giving fans an insight into the training used to maintain the supermuscous frame of the most deserving actor in Hollywood.

We have already stopped Johnson's training, but we have never had the opportunity to hear from a coach designing the killer programs that The Rock uses to embrace his "Hardest Worker in the Room" mantra to go to new heights. Johnson's strength and conditioning coach Dave Rienzi has never spoken publicly about the star's training protocols. Rienzi spoke exclusively with MensHealth.com about one of her leg exercises on the heel of the latest Under Armor Project rock-drop, the Bend Boundaries collection.

Rienzi is ultimately tasked with helping Johnson grow and develop, even after more than 20 years in sports and entertainment. "Many people his age are trying to get physically," he says. "We're trying to develop the body, it's very unique."

Rienzi says he changes Johnson's program about every two to three weeks to guess his muscles, so this is not the only routine he uses to build his lower body. You can, however, use Rienzi's tips to train like The Rock if you want to try to make boundaries in your own training.

The Rocks Bend Boundaries

Hip Thrusts

Johnson's lower body routines usually begin with an exercise that activates his glutes (not shown in the above video). This means a hip joint with a training band just above the knees. "I'm sure you saw the videos from his hip that squeezed 450 pounds," says Rienzi. (Yes, we certainly have.) "We are getting really great activation from the maxima and gluteal muscle."

Rienzi says they make sure that the glutes are ready for the rest of Johnson's body to do the hard work. "He had a football career and then a wrestling career that resulted in multiple back and knee injuries," he says. "Ensuring that the buttocks muscles are firing properly is really the key for him to work out painless, especially when we're practicing the legs."

Leg Press

  • 4 sets of 8 to 1
    2 repetitions per leg
  • 8 to 12 repetitions with both legs
  • Last repetition 5 seconds static holding

    After the glutes are prepared and ready for use, Rienzi moves with heavy compound movements. Depending on how he feels, this starts with a few warm-up exercises on the leg extension – but the focus is on the leg press. Johnson performs the exercise with a unilateral machine in the video that allows him to squeeze a leg either individually or together.

    "I'm a big fan of one-sided work, so I use that a lot," says Rienzi. "I really like doing that because it balances muscle imbalances that you might not notice."

    In the footage, Rienzi points out that you can see Johnson holding one leg static while the other pumps out repetitions. Then he switches to the other side to make up for the work before he finishes the sentence by pressing both feet simultaneously. At the last repetition, Johnson holds a static position for 5 seconds to really crush his lower body.

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    Before you move on to the next exercise, it's important to know that the order is important here because The Rock is such an impressive athlete Rienzi uses a strategy to make her work more effective, which might surprise her: Tire the muscles before the hardest work. "He's obviously super strong, you can not hide that," Rienzi says. Laxation techniques with him. That's why we start with the leg press and then squat. "

    Rienzi has no doubt that Johnson could go to a squat rack and run fresh-legged reps of more than 500 pounds – but that would not help achieve the ultimate training goals." Because he's an actor Being an action star and being very physical in his roles, I can not structure programs that strain his nervous system too much, "he says." If he squats 500, 600 pounds, that would be very stressful for his nervous system and his adrenal glands and he would not be able to work properly on the screen.

    Safety bar Squat with Chains

    3 to 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions

    Following are squats with chains, one of Johnson's favorite fitness accessories, and Rienzi says that they use the connections "often", usually during one phase of a program. Vary the techniques, charge the weight and provide voltage in the quads.

    Johnson uses a safety bar The rack setup in the video, by the Rienzi says that it hits the midpoint between the front and back squat limits the strain on the knees and lower back, so if you do not have access to one, you can choose between the front and back depending on your needs and experiences. 19659024] image "title =" image "class =" Lazyimage lazyload "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/181222-ssb-djprojectrock -s03- 0440-1553531750.jpg? Crop = 1xw: 1xh; center, top & resize = 480: * "/>

    Under Armor

Squats are tough – especially if you weigh in at 365 pounds Johnson – but you should not use your fatigue as an excuse to suck in air. Rienzi says calm needs to be as concentrated as your working hours for the best results.

"We like to keep [rest periods] upright," he says. For the legs he may see a minute to one and a half minutes break between sets. This is another technique that allows me to tire my muscles and not stress or strain my nervous system and adrenal glands. "

This combination of repetitions and rest periods is designed to pump blood to promote hypertrophy cellular process behind muscle growth." There is a method that is behind the madness: "I have found that the legs in this higher Rienzi says, "It really is a matter of blood volume getting as much blood into the legs as possible to widen the fascia and make the muscle grow.

Walking Lunges

3 rounds of 30 repetitions as drop sets

  • 10 steps with 2 chains
  • 10 steps with 1 chain
  • 10 steps without chain

    Johnson closes the Session with weighted strides and uses the chains of squats as resistance This is typical of Rienzii's programming – he gives either a lunge or a Bulgarian split in squats to end the routine with one-sided movement.

    Johnson begins the lunges with both chains around his chest, he drops one set of links after 10 steps, and after another 10 steps he drops the other and ends up with no weight – but the number of repetitions makes even unloaded lunges a challenge.

    "We're striving for muscular fatigue here," says Rienzi, "I'm not trying to load where he's incredibly heavy and he's doing it 12 steps. We're going the other way. "

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    From start to finish, Rienzi says that The usual leg workouts take about an hour The skirt is a busy man – but as he has often told us, his training program is the anchor that keeps him centered in chaos. Rienzi structures the leg workout But on the weekend, when he does not shoot, Johnson is not so pressed for time.

    Train Harder and Smarter

    Whether you train, Rienzi has some overarching training philosophies. "One thing I always preach is intensity," he says. "Many people either do not lift the right weight or the right intensity, and rest between sets is very important – they will make more of the muscle Regardless of your goals, if you keep your rest periods shorter. "

    Rienzi is also an advocate of exercising muscles to fatigue muscles without excessive stress, using techniques such as time under tension techniques, static stops and negative reps, as well as perfect shape and fullness Freedom of movement If you want to get in shape, you can overcome any training with these methods. Try them out and not just train like The Rock – you'll work harder and smarter than you did before.

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