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Crunched for Time? 6 Hacks to Shave Minutes Off Your Workout

We're all busy. Our schedules on a normal day can be crazy, and on those days when there's even more on your plate than usual, your workout can become the first casualty. We've all heard that little voice: "You do not have enough time for the perfect workout today, so why bother at all?"

If this sounds like you, stop losing out on your muscle gains and calorie burn, and learn how to make the most of what you have time to do. These six hacks will help you trim a few minutes here and there so you can have a productive session and reach your fitness goals.

Strategy 1
: Have a Plan B Routine to Plan Your Routine

I like instinctive training when you're time-crunched.

So you need a backup plan in case someone is camped out on your favorite squat rack or you need to know what exercises you want to do as well as the sets, reps and weight plan a machine is out of order. Someone hogging the leg press? Grab a dumbbell and go goblet squats instead. Standing leg curl machine out of order? Use a low cable pulley instead.

 Crunched For Time

Strategy 2: Skip Social Media

This is a hard sell nowadays, but hear me out. If you want to capture that one shot or record your epic set, that's cool. But chances are you reading this article because time is an issue for you. So why waste time fiddling with angles and lighting if it means you do not have time to work out?

It's up to you, but if I was struggling to find time to work out, I'd keep the phone locked in my pocket or even locked safely in my locker. It's much easier to focus on your lifts when you're not using it and it's burning down every 10 seconds. And your workout wants to be quiet – even if it did not make the internet.

Strategy 3: Superset When the Equipment Is Available

Doing two exercises without a break eliminates one rest period. It therefore challenges your muscles in new ways, making your workout more productive. Supersetting is not very practical when the exercises are at opposite ends of the facility.

Take shoulder day as an example. Machine presses are popular, and so are machine lateral raises. The two stations are likely to be within a few feet of each other at your gym, making them ideal for a superset pairing. Alternatively, grab a pair of dumbbells and sit them next to your pressing machine for a quick transition to dumbbell raises instead. Bodyweight moves like push-ups are great to include as well. You can do them anywhere.

Strategy 4: Have Your Drink at the Ready

If you're still in the water for your hydration needs, or you wait until you get to the gym before you start your intra-workout drink, realize it takes time away from actual training and calorie burn. Your fitness will suffer as a result!

Have your water or BCAA's prepared ahead of time. Use a shaker cup or grab a plastic water bottle (and do not worry – you can always refill it to save time and plastic) 19659010] Strategy 5: Shorten Your Rest Time

One way to amp up your physical activity and endurance, while saving precious minutes, is to shrink your rest periods between exercises. OK, this is not a new idea, but it deserves mention. In fact, it may even boost your fitness gains and calorie burn by making workouts more high-intensity.

 Crunched For Time

Less rest means your muscles are not fully recovered , which means they are faster than they normally would. You definitely should not try to set a PR for an exercise on these days, but if you need to get it done quickly, it's a great way to do it. Carve only 10-15 seconds from your rest intervals, and believe me, you'll start to feel it.

Strategy 6: FOCUS!

Face it: You love "The Rock" because he's unapologetically dedicated to maintaining his muscle. To take a page out of his playbook. When you're training, there should be only one thing on your mind: the next set. Do not get distracted by random conversations. You do not have to be a jerk if someone talks to you. Just say hi and make it clear you have to hustle today because of your workout and your fitness comes first!

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