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Creeper Hoof Climbing Workout by Cassey Ho

Photo: Instagram / @ blogilates [19659003] Most people have a love-hate relationship with the stairclimber: they find one in almost every gym, and it's very easy to use (a redundant step after the other, right?) But this staircase does not work for you Not only can you increase your heart rate – the "Cardio" machine can do wonders for strengthening your lower body if you use the right shape (here are 5 reasons why the stair climber Actually worth your time) [19659004] Cassey Ho, the fitness diva behind Blogilates, does just that and curates a simple 4-step workout that's perfect for sculpting your prey. "I never thought I would say that, but I love the Stairmaster," she wrote next to a video of her performing the moves on Instagram. "Try these 4 new moves if you avoid it in the gym, do 1

minute [of] and keep going, I'll do that for about 30 minutes, then I'll hit the weights!" Blogilates – Cassey Ho reveals how a bikini contest has completely changed her approach to health and fitness)

Here's how you can reduce your workout:

Kick Arabesque

Set your stair climber to level 4 or 5. If you go up one leg with one leg, hang a little at the waist and kick the other leg behind you, turning slightly outwards. Repeat the same movement Repeat the other leg to finish a repetition. Continue for 1 minute.

Step by Step with Leg

Let your stair climber stand at level 4 or 5. Turn sideways and cross one foot over the other to start the page – Climb up the stairs. Let the leg point directly outward after each side step. Make sure the foot is bent. Bring your leg down and repeat for 1 minute before turning around and changing sides] Increase the level to 10 or 15. Take the steps two in each for a faster and steeper slope for 1 minute for a steady Combustion. Hold on to the railing if you need assistance, and do not try to curve your back when you step up.


Set the stair climber to level 7 or 10. Turn sideways and just cross one foot in front of the other so you can climb the stairs sideways. Continue for another minute before starting trains again.

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