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Creed's Scott Stapp fitness transformation for the new solo album

There is no better way to open a window into the complicated world of a musician like Scott Stapp than to listen to his music.

Scott Stapp's latest album, The Space Between the Shadows which fell off last week is driven by the song "Purpose for Pain". The outstanding single mines were the turbulent time that the singer had left since his last record in 2013 to be inspired. "Purpose for Pain" clearly has a strong message with a chorus that sounds like a subdued sledgehammer:

There must be more / Because this life is crazy / Must reverse it / And find the purpose of the pain / There is so much to lose / Yes, there is so much at stake / I have to turn around / And find the purpose of the pain

Given all that Stapp has overcome, the unsubtle message of the song is a powerful statement of Determination and resilience.

In search of what he could not lose

The 45-year-old Stapp became the front man of the post-grunge outfit Creed, one of the biggest rock acts of the millennium (the band has not released any new) material since 2009 and is currently running). This success led to a solo career and two records in 2005 and 201

3 – but Stapp used drugs to treat himself to deal with an undiagnosed mental illness. After a series of public incidents that led to a substantial "pyschosis break" in 2014, the musician began a path that led to a physical and mental transformation. Stapp spoke to Men's Health on the phone during the week of the release of the new album, five years later, to share his story.

"The biggest thing that started my transformation was finding sobriety," said Stapp speaking in a low, measured tone. "By finding sobriety, I was also able to get to a place where I could treat my underlying depression."

One of Stapp's biggest challenges was even admitting that he needed help, even though his relapses were very public. However, after the last incident, he knew he had his last chance.

"What really brought me to the turning point was the line in the sand my wife gave me by saying" Me and the kids or … "we have to go, you have the choice & # 39 ;," he said. "Fortunately, I had a brief moment of clarity and it really sunk in. That's something I could not lose."

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Stapp and his wife Jaclyn at a MusiCares event earlier this year.

Steve Granitz Getty Images

Stapp indicates that his wife Jaclyn and Muscares Are An Organization Stapp believes these other issues – which were linked to untreated depression – also have to do with addiction and alcohol problems – the real cause of his trials.

Towards new goals

Now As he is sober, Stapp uses his health and fitness routine as an anchor point An enthusiastic runner lays back at least a few kilometers every day. "There is a meditative quality for me." he said of the practice. "It has such an impact on every part of my life, mentally and even emotionally, because I think if you're not feeling well, you're not feeling well either."

The process of running even mirrored the steps he needed to take to win his sobriety. "When I started, I could not just jump on the treadmill and walk five miles," Stapp said. I had to make an effort. "Stapp said he would run as long as he could and then go to keep moving, and at some point the runtimes got longer and he walked a lot less, then he knew he was ready. Take his exercise to the next one Level and challenge yourself at different speeds and inclinations to exert more pressure.

It positively affects every part of my life.

He enjoys running on an empty stomach, so the exercise is about the extreme temperatures of his Even though he is on tour, he has a treadmill in his home gym while away from home in Nashville.

At some point, Stapp says he wants to race a road race, but the concept of going for something other than the challenges that he has turned himself in, is still new. "My thought for the past five years physically and mentally challenged my life and changed my overall approach and daily Routine to break old cycles and bad h Abits, "he said. The only way to break old cycles and bad habits is to devote myself to new ones and do them every day. Even though his body is not ready for one Stapp says that he is sure to do something, even if it's just a speedwalk, he also uses exercise as an opportunity to spare time to spend time with the people around him and go bootcamp-style classes with his wife or strength training with the guys in his band.

"I hate to use the word, but I think it's my new one Addiction has become addictive, "he admits.

But this addiction has positive side effects, while the old demons only had pitfalls.Stapp He has lost more than 40 pounds since he began to take better care of himself, especially through running and a diet made up only of healthy, unprocessed foods and drinking water, but the most obvious benefit to a rock star is that he performs better than ever before. "It is now reflected in my performances. My stamina on stage is better than ever, my vocals have improved. It has a positive effect on every part of my life.

Back in time

Building this new lifestyle required a great deal of commitment and effort, which explains the huge gap between this new album and Stapp's earlier releases until he felt comfortable in his new routine, he had no urge to make music – he did not even go to a soundtrack early on, preferring to focus on his breathing and his stride.

The treadmill became a place to find inspiration his ideas on without interrupting the run, and grabbed for a brief moment to his cell phone, so as not to lose the thread.

"It took two or three years to build this routine before I come back in a new way Connected to myself and found the clarity and restored the connection to my body and my mind, "said Stapp. When I felt these artistic and creative juices swelling in me, I knew it was time and I felt ready as never before. [19659018] "My ultimate goal is to preserve and love my family."

He maintained his routine throughout the writing and recording process, which he believes was the key to the production of the work

Fittingly enough, Stapp's listeners have given the album's single title a double meaning, with heavy guitars and droning drums, "Purpose for Pain" is tailor-made to be a certain kind of aggressive, punchy room hymn, Stapp said he has one "Mass wave" seen by new supporters in the social media, most of which were bodybuilders and coaches who linked to the song on fitness playlists. "What's ironic is when someone in a gym after I get the song off From the perspective that I had, I heard it in a whole new way, "he said pain, I had a goal, I tried for five miles under 40 minutes get.

Stapp's greatest hope is that anyone who uses the song as a training inspiration will find the other meaning. "It can connect with them on another level if they hear it in a different environment, in a different mood," he said. Once the listener becomes accustomed to a deeper meaning, he hopes that they can face up to their problems in order to "take the mess and make it a message."

Moving Forward

Stapp's new album and tour is a highlight of the last five years and he is excited to continue his fitness program, but he will not let that success put him out of the way. His goal is still what helped him to face his demons five years ago.

"My ultimate goal is to preserve and love my family," he said.

"Routine is so important," he continued. "There has been a dramatic impact on every aspect of my life, and I hope that those who have heard me last in a dark time will see that change can happen."

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Stapp recently appeared in New York.

Debra L Rothenberg Getty Images

Stapp knows that he has not reached this point alone, and He has a message for everyone else who goes through similar processes: "You need to find out what works for you and not give up. Keep trying. I am firmly convinced that at some point you will find something for yourself that can really change your life. Brett Williams
Brett Williams, Associate Fitness Editor at Men's Health, is a former professional footballer and tech reporter divides his training time between strength and conditioning, martial arts and running.

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