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Coors banquet beer on ‘Cobra Kai’

  • Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) almost always drinks Coors banquet beers Cobra Kai.
  • Given its notoriety in some ’80s action films, it makes sense that this would be Johnny’s favorite.
  • “I should be paid by Coors for all of this,” Zabka said last year.

    It is impossible to see Cobra Kai and don’t know what Johnny Lawrence’s favorite drink is because you know what it is. It’s beer. Coors banquet beer, to be very, very specific – because it’s just so important. Johnny (William Zabka) drinks his banquet from cans and he drinks it from bottles. He drinks it at work, he drinks it in the world, and he drinks it when he goes out on a dinner date. He drinks his banquet everywhere and, to be honest, we want to drink it at the next opportunity.

    Johnny loves his banquets, to the point where it̵

    7;s basically all we see him drink throughout the series. While Johnny and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) spend most of the series banging heads, there are some moments when they come together and have a drink as the friends we all know will be at some point. Once they wander into a random bar; Daniel orders a very specific martini – Ketel One with ice cream – but Johnny sticks to his banquet.

    In some of the show’s earliest moments, we see a bearded, seedy Johnny wake up in his apartment, one crushed banquet can in his bed, the other on his nightstand; Even after he’s shaved, opened the Cobra Kai Dojo, and brought his shit together a little, one thing carries over: his beloved banquets. Can’t leave them behind.

    Cobra Kai Coors banquet beer


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    When Daniel and Amanda go out on a date in a Mexican restaurant and meet Johnny on his first date with Miguel’s mother Carmen, they both order drinks. Daniel is leaving again with something more “grown up,” but Johnny has no shame – get this man his banquet.

    While some jaded viewers might take the plunge into believing that this constant presentation of banquet beer would mean a Coors partnership or sponsorship of the show, Zabka is here to let you know it doesn’t. It’s just the right fit – the Perfect fit – for this character.

    “It’s just some kind of avant-garde beer off the network – people know about it now,” he said The wrap about the beer that was first brewed in Colorado in 1873. “I should be paid for all of this by Coors.”

    Banquet Beer Cobra Kai


    He is right that it is a somewhat offline beer (as far as mass produced local beers are concerned); The flagship of Coors is of course the silver-colored Coors Light. The banquet, however, had its time in the 1980s of mainstream recognition; It is shown in great action films such as Deadly weapon and Sylvester Stallone’s 1986 action film Cobra. Obviously, these are both films that Johnny would have seen and probably admired when he was growing up.

    While it may seem like Johnny is throwing all of these banquets back with precision (and sometimes feeling the desired effect from drinking a or two or six of them), Zabka has never had one on set. Because, come on, William Zabka won’t be William Zabka’s high point if he drinks beer on set all day.

    “I didn’t actually have a Coors banquet on set because it’s all water and iced tea, so I can’t quite vouch for it just yet,” he said. “But the bottles look cool, man.”

    Johnny Banquet Beer Cobra Kai


    Full disclosure – when looking through Cobra Kai, I picked up a 25 ounce banquet from a nearby bodega. I’m not a beer snob, but when it comes to cheap shitty beer … it’s not bad. It does the job. Drink enough banquets and they will get you drunk. Drink responsibly, of course enjoy the beers. But meta enough, the best place for a banquet might be … from your couch watching William Zabka drink banquets. Really poetic.

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