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Construction of the complete yoke | T nation

King Yoke

Several years ago I was at the Mr. Olympia Expo in Vegas. The place was full of extraordinary bodies, so much so that I froze everything. But at the end of the day, when I left the hall with Ed Coan, he tapped my shoulder and pointed at this guy a few yards ahead of us.

His was probably the most impressive character I've ever seen the whole day. His traps and lats were about to break his shirt. The long heads of his triceps sat between his shoulders and elbows like a pair of Christmas ham. And he also rocked some tricky calves. He was standing in a sea of ​​great figures because he was combed.

The "yoke" usually refers only to the neck, the traps and the back cracks, but this guy inspired me to redefine the term. From now on triceps and calves are included. You need them all to form a yoke of superlatives.

Heavy Iron Spin

It is difficult to build a truly impressive yoke without burning at least a few years with heavy slag iron for repetitions. This combination of very heavy repetitive loads creates the density you can not achieve with any other type of workout. But you also need to do some concentrated movements for the smaller areas to fill in the gaps in the yoke correctly.

Let's go through the exercises first and then lay out a program.

The Exercises

Pulling the Band Off (Rear Deltas)

The back deltas are usually neglected, but it is the back deltas that give the shoulders an impressive cap. This is a pretty simple solution that you can do everyday at home. The pulled-out band brings your sad, small, finger-sized tailgates quickly to the snuff.

You do not need a durable resistance band because you want to keep the repetition high. The lower repetition range for Rocks is 20 and is carried out daily for 4-5 sets.

Neck flexion and extension

Do some neck flexions and extensions and possibly some lateral flexions. If you have access to a neck machine, take on this bad boy three or four times a week and work every inch for sets of 15-20. The problem is that most gyms do not have them anymore. Do not worry, it's a simple solution.

I found neck raises with a plate on my forehead (neck flexion) as absolute money to build a thick neck.

I've done this every other day for several days, set of 20s with a 45-pound standard plate on my head, but I had to use three plates on the forehead for repeats because I was a meathead. You do not need to do that. it really is not needed.

For the neck extension work, I used a lightweight resistance band because I did not hate keeping the plate at the back of my head.

Stick to sets of 20 or more.

And no, I do not like the neck harness. Making neck extensions with a billion pounds is a bad idea.

Farmers Walk (middle and upper trap)

Here the rubber meets the street. Building the shelf up there really gets attention. Shrugs are a great option to build the upper traps, but the traps actually run from the cervical spine down to the lower thoracic vertebrae. They also insert on the collarbone, acromion and scapula. Your traps are everywhere!

To really build the traps from top to bottom, you need a variety of moves that effectively hit each area of ​​the traps. Farmers Walks always makes the list of those who play in Jochenbau. I usually do not include them because most men use an ego-driven load and do not put the joints in the correct position to evenly improve the rear chain / yoke muscles.

This excessively heavy weight causes most men to do it with a collapsed position and a lot of internal rotation. Anyway, I will record it here. Just do it right!

To tension the musculature of the back, put the shoulder blades in retreat and depression, d. H. Put your shoulders in the back pockets and pull out the chest. If you do it right, you should feel this in the middle traps and rhomboids.

They should also have bowed the lats and maintained a neutral spine. When you throw all these things together, the farmer's walk does an amazing job of growing the yoke and improving the movement patterns for the shoulder and the T-back.

Note the following, sorted by importance:

  1. Shoulders back and down
  2. Chest out
  3. Lats bent
  4. Neutral Spine
  5. Loading

See where the store is located? It's Last If all other things can not be maintained, you charge too much.

Perform it at the end of a back or leg session for 4 trips of 30 to 40 meters with a suitable load (yes, I said it again), where you can maintain the above position. This does not mean that you can not convince the Globo Gym that you are preparing for the strongest ego in the world.

Rogue Shrug

I stole them from Christian Thibaudeau, who stole them from Jim Wendler. You need the rogue landmine handle (the angled one), but it's totally worth the purchase if you try to smash the yoke.

This exercise is a kind of mating of mini rows and shrugs. They really shatter the middle and upper traps, and they also trap the rhomboids. Shrug and row together, lift your shoulders and pull your elbows back. Hold the top part of each repetition for at least 3 seconds before lowering.

Do 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions, and your traps and upper back are smoked.

70 Degree Smith Machine Series (Middle and Upper Trap)

This was the torso angle that Dorian Yates liked to use for his Curl-Grip ranks, but I've found that in Smith's Machine created rows slightly better hit the upper back than dumbbell rows. They really do allow you to greatly contract the upper back.

The Smith machine automatically holds the pole in a very efficient way, so that no energy is wasted trying to hold the pole near you, like the row of dumbbells. You can concentrate more intensely on the execution. Do 3 sets of 8-10 reps.

Face Pull (19659041) Face Pulls do a great job of bringing everything together. The rear drawbars are smoked together with the top traps and they are a must to keep the shoulders healthy.

The most important part of the face pull is that you get into external rotation. And make sure you pull to the face and not the neck. Perhaps these would be done more often correctly if they were called "eyebrows" or "eyebrows" because this is the area to look for. Do 4 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Delt Swing

These do not require much resistance. Do 3 sets of 20-25 repetitions.

Triceps Giant Set

The long head can be seen from behind, and it would look weird for a man when he has this massive shelf of shoulders and traps with something sad butt triceps sitting next to them.

In addition to your hard pressing work, throwing in a sweet triceps metabolic giant set is a great addition to raising those puppies. Try this:

  • A1. Rope Pushdown: 12 repetitions
  • A2. Triceps extension over head rope: 12 repetitions
  • A3. Body Weight Bench Dip: 12 reps

If you go through this giant set four times and consistently hit sets of 12 reps, then tricep gains. Do this after your heavier chest or shoulder pressures.

Calf Training

If your calves are sucking and most likely do, then refer to my article: Every day is Wadentag.

Funky Scapular Movement and Weak Rotator Cuffs

If I did not have to work with something to make sure the shoulder blades were working efficiently, I would be back.

The combination of weak shoulder blade movement with weak rotator cuff muscles is a recipe for catastrophe. The scapula serves as the base for the muscles of the rotator cuff. If any of these areas become short, narrow, or weak, the function of the scapula will be affected. If the scapula is not properly structured, it will cause dysfunction in the cuff.

When the muscles of the cuff become firm or weak, you will end up feeling quite severe pain that can radiate from anywhere from the shoulder to the elbow. The shoulder, the cuff and the posture play an important role in the construction of the yoke. Keeping you healthy means painless training. And that is somehow important.

Enter two movements. Do it every workout, preferably before you start with the other stuff. Do not load them hard. They are designed to strengthen the muscles needed for incredible stability and to create efficient motion patterns in the shoulder blades and shoulders.

Lying dumbbell Cuban Press

This is a variation of the traditional Cuban press in which you stand with a barbell. Make an upright row, and then switch to outer rotation before you head over.

The lying dumbbell version eliminates the upright row and initiates the movement with something that looks more like a facial feature. Use very light weights as you train the pattern, the very small muscles of the cuff and, to a lesser extent, the lower traps.

Go back and draw a face. Turn from there and press. To get a grip on the lower traps, pull the dumbbells up while pushing. Return the press, go to the internal rotation and back to the protraction. Do 8 to 10 repetitions for 3-4 sets.

Overhead Shrug

This not only affects the upper and lower traps, but also trains the rise of the scapula. In order to perform an efficient overhead press, a correct scapular elevation is required. The overhead press, however, does not train this pattern. And most men suffer from excessive rotation and excessive depression. Again, bad juju. Do 3 to 4 sets of 8-10 reps.

The yoke program

How to fit everything together.


Exercise Sets Repeats
A Band Disassembly 4-5 20

Each workout

Exercise Sets [19659070] Reps
A-neck flexion & extension (4-way neck machine or use of plates) 3-4 20
B Calves (Follow the program from my article, Every Day is on the Calf Day) .

Twice a week

Exercise Places Reps
A Farmers Walk 4 30-40 yards
30-40 yards
Done with dumbbells, a trap bar or peasant walks
B Rogue Shrug (3 seconds rest up) 4 10-12
C 70 degree -Smith Machine Series 3 8-10
D Face Pull 4 12-15 [19659072] E Delt Swing 3 20 -25

Twice a week (after training your chest or shoulder)

Exercise Sets Repeats 19659072] A1 Rope 4 12 [19659071] A2 Triceps Cable Extension 4 12
A3 A3 4 19659074] 12

Programming Hints

These are all solid additions to your weak yoke to the same stan d to bring. Push hard on the Smith Smith and Rogue Shrug progressive congestions, but take a slow step on the farmer's path.

It's a good idea to make sure you hit your vertical pull twice a week (lat pulldowns, chin variations). Use all this stuff in conjunction with your deadlifts, squats and Romanian deadlifts and be consistent.

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