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Chris Hemsworth About life after Thor, his new workout app center, more

TURNING 37 is a milestone that is far from being recognized, but it is a big one. It's the average age for men in America, and by chance it's the same age that Chris Hemsworth will reach next year. It's a time for judgment – a comfortable weigh station – that coincides with the point at which the optimism and power of your 20s develop into confidence and fatigue. At 37, there have been successes and failures, and these experiences have begun to shape your values ​​and your future. In this way, Hemsworth is like any other man of his age who is 40 years old. He played minor roles for ten years ̵

1; the great-looking friend / hitchhiker / thief in movies you've never heard of – until he did not even do it. Crammed in 2011 and pushed into a leather tank top for Marvel. With Thor, he showed us a fitter and funnier action hero – one who, like the other three members of the Chris-vivates (see also: Evans, Pine and Pratt) can laugh at himself while fighting a mad Titan. MH interviewed Hemsworth near his home in Byron Bay, Australia, about his toughest roles. its new App Centr ($ 20 / mo; centr.com, App Store), which includes video workouts, meal plans, meditation techniques, and more from an All-Star expert team; and if he will kick his ass at fifty.

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How would you say you've grown in the past decade?

I feel better in my skin. I stopped trying To go, "Who must I be, what personality do I have to shape to succeed?" And just go, "Be really yourself." And then things began to change, and I felt happier. I got a better answer. My work got better. It's interesting to have people who inspire you, your heroes. If you try to imitate that, it's easy I do not think so. You can get inspiration from them for the first step, I suppose. But the real work is: who am I?

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They had some time in Hollywood after the Star Trek of 2009, when the phone did not ring, how did you do that?

I wanted I always wanted to act, and when I got money, I wanted to pay off my parents' house first, I asked Dad once when he thought he would pay for it, and he said, "Honestly, probably never. "Most people are in this boat and I wanted to change that, so I was super active in the casting, then I became more and more anxious over that eight-month period, to the point where I could not use that energy to convince myself that I was not nervous before the audition, instead of taking it and going. [deep intake of breath] "Use it, increase your awareness here, sharpen your focus." And then my mentality changed, who desires from being At one point I thought, "I'm going back to Australia."

I had another audition that made me think, "Do this for his house. Think about other reasons than yourself. "That was for The Cabin in the Woods, and I got that job, and from there I got Red Dawn. And then I have Thor.

So taking the focus off of oneself was one of the keys to opening things up.

Someone said he should talk to the thugs about clubs and balls. Then there is your audition, then stroll, on to the next one. You can not think about the last one. There comes the fear, if you are so, [raises pitch of voice] "Oh god, everything relies on this one moment. "Which is nothing. Not a single moment defines your journey. There are so many complicated pieces of the puzzle. I found it to be a calming release.

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I think that's something most people refer to

Yes, I still have to remember that Woman will probably read this and say, "Wait, you were not yesterday." [Laughs] And that was kind of a genesis of this whole app center – things I learned on the go when I met people who were experts in their fields , Mindfulness, Nutrition and Training If I'm doing a great job and do not frighten I'll have to find this center So I thought about it and talked to my wife about it and I thought, "We could be a team in about five minutes It's been a two-year trip! I'm always asked, "What's the secret? et formula?" There is not a single answer, but it's about staying open and constantly advising and learning grow.

Would you say that the central App is encapsulated?

Yes, absolutely. It was about not stagnating. That's when your emotional and physical problems occur, I think. I wanted to create something that would embody the three key elements of a healthy lifestyle – exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness – and present it in a way that is entertaining, functional, and accessible.

Most guys have difficulty finding the time to train. How does Centr help?

Now, calculate how many minutes of the day you use for unnecessary feeds on your phone. Hours, right? So you can not find 20 minutes a day? If you can not find those 20 minutes, you're just blaming yourself.

The Action Hero window is over 50, with Jason Statham and the Rock looking better than ever. Is that something that you hope to emulate?

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<p class= On certain days when I had some injuries, especially during Thor, I had I would say," This is slowly closing "Then I changed a lot of training and nutrition programs in the last year or my last year and it's the best thing I've ever felt, it's about whether the story is interesting. To be honest, I grew up and have seen the Tom Cruise model of movies that are fun, entertaining, and then putting together a few themes that talk to different parts of you, your personality, or your soul.

Do you keep the pressure to maintain the body who made you famous?

It goes hand in hand with the Rolls that I play, but look, occasionally you see paparazzi poking out of the bushes and you're like "What does my rig look like? Am I on the point or have lately lessened? "[Laughs] Besides, I keep fit because it makes me feel better.

Is there anything you miss about your physique in your 20s?

I used to be able to get up and sprint, and I've found that I lift weights for so long If you do not come into contact with your fast-twitch fibers, there's such a speed your body had at that time. There are several ways to do this: train differently, remind the body to do these things. The Fathers race at my kids' school last year: I have not been in the sprint for about five years, and then it's booming, you're doing a hundred-meter sprint with a full coat and my back was bent for weeks. I think that's part of me that avoids this question because I do not want to admit there are things in my twenties that I can not do right now. [Laughs] I do not pay attention to planting in my psyche that I am getting older and falling apart.

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What was the most important lesson that your father passed on to you?

Dad worked That's one of them alone selfless work and says so much about the character of a person: he always had a strong sense of right and wrong and stood for the weakest among us, as children.As children, we were always very big so we were always out in the open, have Playing soccer, riding a motorcycle, surfing together and playing water polo Something I know is that I want to have kids and just be athletic and able to keep up with them.

Before you leave, let's have a quick one

  • Favorite Exercise and Why? Bear Crawls Body According to a Tabata Protocol, Low Impact.
  • Least Preferred Practice and Why? Steady-State Cardio. Breathtakingly boring. [19659035] Wor kout anthem Mellower music. The Teskey Brothers – they are my favorite band of all time.
  • cheat meal? Pizza – ham and pineapple.
  • Last book you recommended? Charles Bukowski's poems, which are quite heavy and dark.
  • Hero (it)? Growing up, Kelly Slater. He's a buddy of mine now, so he can not be my hero. It's just scary.
  • motto? Do things, be nice, have fun. My mother and a whole bunch of comrades tattooed it. Pretty good, right?

    This article appears in the March 19 issue of Men's Health.

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