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Chris Evans & # 39; Weed Weed To Love, "But Now He's" Relaxed "

Chris Evans "used to love weeds," but said in a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter that he no longer smokes as regularly as he used to, claiming he "zaps" his energy.

] "I've calmed down with weeds," Evans said in a cover story released Wednesday. "I used to love it, but now I think it's the only thing that gets in my way. It zaps your motivation.

The comments came shortly before the release of Avengers: Endgame which the actor of Captain America suggested will be his last in the series. But as he clarifies in the extensive interview Wednesday, that does not mean that it will be his last movie in all. "It's a really vile idea that an actor says he's going to retire," Evans said, overcoming the rumors that he's giving up acting. "It's not something you're withdrawing from."

His comments on his relationship with Recreational Pot, which is legal in the home state of actor California, came as he pondered his beginnings in the film industry.

"It's exactly what you think," said Evans. "Many young actors Lack of parental supervision Much, um, debauchery They make odd connections with many thirsty people But you are also one of the thirsty It was a great time, it was really, it is like in the welcome committee of LA The same kids I met there are still likely to get together, meet with the new kids to show you where they can buy weeds, you had to know then, they just could not go to a store. "[1

9659007] Asked by writer Alex Pappademas if he's going to a store to get pot, Evans suggested no longer smoking – at least not as much as before.

"I think apathy is bleeding and you start to think, 'Well, I'm not apathetic, I just do not feel like it.' And it's like no – you'd like to do that if you were not stoned, "Evans said know you – I'm 37. I can not smoke grass all the time. That's crazy. "19659004" For a man who claims to have had "motivational problems" in the past, Evans has had a successful career – and was particularly honored for his portrayal of Captain America in the hugely successful Avengers franchise 19659011] Endgame who will find his Captain America and his fellow heroes, who want to defeat Thanos once and for all, is due next month .

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