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Choose Costco Stores with massive 3-pound lobster claws

If you want to start the summer early, you can go to Costco and scour the seafood section. At local Costco stores in Northern and Southern California, customers discovered MASSIVE two-, three- and four-pound lobster claws. Posts from Instagram and Reddit show the strong claws taken in January, February and March.

A blogger with the handle @julesfood has posted a report on his claw on Instagram, stating that he heats the already cooked claw on the grill with a warm-up of little butter (I sable just about it) It was understandably difficult but once it was open, he was able to get one and a half pounds of meat from the three-pound piece, and the bowl itself was strong. When he bought it, it was available for $ 9.99 a pound.

The photos are WILD, even considering that lobsters can weigh as much as 44 pounds, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

More Hummer Facts You May Not Know: Maine and New Hampshire harvest lobster all year round, but the peak season is summer. During this time, lobsters migrate closer to the coast in warmed waters. All this means that we may see more giant lobster claws in the stores going into the summer months of the lobster harvest. In the broadest sense, Costco sells packs of 1

.25-pound Maine lobsters in sixs.

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