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Chick-fil-A gives away free chicken appetizers tomorrow

Let's face it. You probably spoiled yourself a bit last weekend, because um, America. Moron. And while that's absolutely great, we suspect you will not miss out on a free meal this week. Fortunately, this Tuesday, July 9th, Chick-fil-A has received an offer for customers to receive a free meal chicken menu. We're not sure this poultry discount extravagance applies to the entire menu, but breakfast items (like chicken biscuits) and lunches (like the chick-n-strips) are definitely included. And for the youth? Chicken nuggets are of course free.

According to Business Insider, nearly 2 million people participated in Cow Appreciation Day in 201

8, and we are confident that participation will be even greater this year. Why should not it be like this?

That means there is a catch here. Given the fact that so many people participated last summer, Chick-Fil-A asks customers for accuracy.

… and by right I mean wearing a cow costume. You know, to really show your support for the cows. OK Good. You do not have to wear a full costume, but if you want a free chicken, you need to go to the restaurant in any kind of cow motive or accessory. If you're still confused about exactly what "cow fashion" means, flip through this lookbook of last year's costumes.

Last thing – remember that this free meals offer ends at 19.00. Tomorrow, so do not be late! OK, that's it, now go and enjoy your free chicken.

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