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Check out Simply Protein's keto-friendly snacks

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Let's be honest: The most difficult part of the keto diet is snacking. With a keto diet, you may feel a little hungry between meals, but it is really difficult to satisfy that craving. Most bars and snacks are not suitable because they are sprinkled with sugar or other additives. and even many "healthy" snacks are loaded with junk. Are there keto-friendly snacks?

What can a keto guy do when he gets those nagging hunger pangs? Try a snack from Simply Protein.

SimplyProtein products are made using only clean ingredients. With more than 1

1 grams of protein and 3 grams of sugar or less, all Simply Protein snacks are GMO-free and free of gluten, artificial flavors, preservatives and colorants. Thus, they are the perfect options for a guilt-free snack. Simply Protein makes two kinds of keto-friendly snack bars: Baked Bars and Crispy Bars.


Simply Protein

Simply Protein Baked Bars (6 USD) are packaged in chocolate chip or peanut butter biscuit flavors in 4-packs. You can also buy a six-pack – six boxes of four bars each for a total of 24 bars – for $ 34. Can not you decide for a taste? Opt for the 4-pack Variety Pack, which includes both flavors. For $ 23 you get two boxes of peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Simply Protein Crispy Bars ($ 6 for four) provide a satisfying crispness during nibble. They are available in lemon flavor or peanut butter chocolates for those with a sweet tooth. The pricing structure is the same: a six-pack costs $ 34, and a four-pack Variety pack with two cartons-per-tastes costs $ 23 Isolate as the main source of protein and tapioca as the main fiber source. They contain a slight pinch of sugar – apparently mostly cocoa – but their main source of sweetener is Stevia Leaf.


Simply protein crunchy bites are more of a snack than a snack filler. They are available in the flavors of sea salt or barbecue and a bag of one ounce costs only two dollars. It will be cheaper if you buy it in bulk: Six bags cost 11 USD, and 12 cost less – 21 USD. You can also opt for a variety pack – that's 12 bags of six flavors each for $ 21. These large packs are perfect for lunches, sports bags, desk tops or wherever you want to put something tasty and healthy in your mouth. You're not sure where to go, just go to Simply Protein. It is delicious, healthy and free of guilt. Subscribe to the newsletter and save an additional 10 percent.

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