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Celebrity Men's Red Carpet Style

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When it comes to the price-season style, these guys are the best of the best – from ancient times – the mainstays of the New School Upstarts are the men who define the fashion on the red carpet from now on, until … well, until the next disruptors enter the scene. (And, hey, more power for them.)) As it stands: this are the best, the worst, and the most out there. Take notes for your next black tie party.

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Robert Downey Jr.

.. At least he takes risks!


John Leguizamo

We've ignored Leguizamo's red carpet looks for too long the wrong phone call.


Justin Timberlake

Timb erlake can always still rocking a red carpet, though he Man of the Woods puts everything on us.

45 [19659006] Rob Lowe

Only a roast packer like Lowe could make hashtags cool before they were anything.


Mario Lopez

Lopez spends more time on the carpet (as a commentator) than most nominees. He still wears a black shirt, but hey … that's his prerogative!


Lin-Manuel Miranda

Keep an eye on Miranda's wardrobe as he chases after the EGOT.


Burt Reynolds

Few men could take off a leather blazer. And the handkerchief is a solid touch.


Patrick Swayze

Swayze's personas on the screen seldom came close to black ties, but Johnny Castle tidies up.


Rock Hudson

Hudson was less than his own when it came to his understated style – even in a tailcoat.


Richard Roundtree

Roundtree put as much style on the red carpet as Shaft did on the common streets of Harlem.


Lionel Richie

Exactly our thoughts, Lionel. Exactly our thoughts.


Tom Cruise

It's hard to tell if it's his style or his date that makes Cruise's red carpet worth seeing.


Will Smith

Big Willie Style is both an album and a way of life.


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has reinvented his red carpet style, probably more than any other actor. Identifying Peak Pitt is a task in itself.



Common is anything but, especially when he steps on a red carpet.


Jared Leto [19659007] Leto has run enough on red carpets to know exactly what he needs to do to achieve a full-blown lewk .


Darren Criss

Criss is not afraid to mix him up – and it was worth it for him. H


Michael Douglas

It's definitely the shades. Douglas & # 39; s sunglasses game is strong.


John Cho

Cho brings his A-Game to every carpet he goes … we're still waiting for the part that will get him into the big show.

] 29

Warren Beatty

The man was nominated for 14 Oscars, he has certainly figured out the wardrobe thing.


Jonah Hill

Sleazelord? Sometimes! But Jonah Hill knows when to clean up – and makes it nice to clean up .


Henry Golding

Golding may be a newer player in the game, but he's officially on our radar.



The clothes were almost as good as the music. But where he really shone was on stage.


Idris Elba

How is this guy still not James Bond ?!


Humphrey Bogart

Of course Bogie made the list, but he would be much higher up if we were ranked on the screen.


Shia LaBeouf

The expectations are damned, this is one who is always ready to go his own way. And sometimes that just means looking good on the red carpet.


Chris Pine

Nobody makes a white tuxedo look good. Law? Incomplete. And if you need proof? Look at this man.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo likes to keep things pretty traditional, but if they do not break down …


Ryan Gosling

Gosling's aesthetics is "lost member of the Rattenrudel's ", which is definitely not a bad thing …


Frank Sinatra

… but do you really think you'll defeat the OG?


George Clooney

He's not a big risk taker, but Clooney always pulls off the classic tuxedo.


Chadwick Boseman

He is certainly new to the game. But we expect only the best from the King of Wakanda.


Bill Murray

He is a classic. And that's how it looks. Just try to argue with it. 15 Bradley Cooper Jackson Maine can not even argue.


Michael B. Jordan

He found the right style. Now all he needs is the Oscar.


Pharrell Williams

Sometimes a tuxedo is the wrong move. And sometimes you just have to sit back and appreciate the fact that Williams is better at you than … everything? Jeff Bridges The smile. The hair. The smoking! The guy stays as usual.


Barack Obama

Rarely do we think of our presidents as hikers on the red carpet. But when it comes to dressing up, Obama knows exactly what he's doing.


Harry Styles

He may not have many important awards in his bag, but Styles almost always has a place on the list of the best-dressed individuals.


David Bowie

Bowie in evening wear with great androgyny is exactly the reason why he was such an iconic word we tend to avoid here, because sometimes it runs a bit cheesy. Unless, of course, you are talking about this man. There is no other way to describe him – and that's a good thing.


Cary Grant

His name has become synonymous with the description of a well-dressed man. Obviously top ten material.


John Legend

He is an EGOT with an impeccable style. When will the other shoe fall?


Jack Nicholson

You do not even have to see the whole tuxedo. The glasses. The smile. That's a testament to the style of this man.


Steve McQueen

The "King of Cool" equally took off casual wear and formal wear.


Sidney Poitier

Elegance. Claim. Style. Poitier was the epitome of all three – and much more.


Paul Newman

Salad dressing, microwave popcorn and killer style. The guy always looked great.


Donald Glover

There is no undisputed first choice. But Glover is a creative force – and someone who still looks damn cool in a brown suit. Beat that. I dare you.

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