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Celebrities who didn’t host SNL

Celebs who have never hosted snl

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Since Saturday night live Debuted in 1975, the show spawned stars from (relatively) unknown comedians such as Adam Sandler and Tracy Morgan. On the flip side, the show also featured some great A-list celebrities and their abilities to do more than just play or sing. Some of the biggest names have made their way through the doors of Studio 8H, Matthew Broderick and Chris Hemsworth to name a few. But there are some notable ones who haven’t had the privilege of offering the audience their own opening monologue. These celebrities may surprise you now, but there may be a chance they’ll hit our screens soon enough. From Brad Pitt to Meryl Streep – yes, Meryl Streep – here are the names of some of the actors and actresses who haven’t hosted an episode.

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Brad Pitt

While he was Dr. Fauci has been portraying on the show for the past few months, it’s surprising to see that Pitt didn’t host SNL.

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Lauren Graham

She is a beloved actress Gilmore Girls. She’s also incredibly funny. A winning combination if you ask us.

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Will Smith

We’re pretty sure the fresh Prince of Bel-Air would know how to get a laugh or two from an SNL audience if given the chance.

4th from 30

Julia Roberts

She’s one of America’s favorites and she’s not afraid to look ridiculous if necessary. If that doesn’t scream SNL Host, we don’t know what’s going to happen.

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Christian Bale

Would he be able to wear the Batman costume during his opening monologue?

6th from 30

Mindy Kaling

She knows how to be funny and she’s been the writer for shows like The office, the Mindy project or I have never. Imagine what she can do with a full comedian writing room.

7th from 30

Chris Evans

For a man who is part of one of the most popular superhero franchises, you’d think he’d hosted at least once. While sadly not, he has an affinity for reacting to the show’s sketches.

8th from 30

Meryl Streep

How could SNL not take over their hosting responsibilities at some point in their illustrious career? she is Meryl Streepfor heaven’s sake!

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Laura Dern

She’s an Oscar winner who knows no bounds when it comes to acting. Given his multitude of sketches, SNL would be the perfect place for them to improve their comedy skills.

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Mark Wahlberg

While he was on the show in several sketches, the Sole survivor Star has never hosted an entire episode. Maybe Andy Samberg can convince him to give it a try.

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Keanu Reeves

Lately, Keanu has been known for starring in action films. It would be nice to see him sit back and do a comedy every now and then.

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Harrison Ford

Another person who SNL just need to rent and have host an episode. Pronto.

13 from 30


Despite appearing on the show four times (twice while she was still on Destiny’s Child), Beyonce poses a triple threat when it comes to her talent. She would be the perfect hostess … not without an appearance, of course.

14th from 30

Morgan Freeman

How is it that the most famous voice in Hollywood had no chance to destroy the heads of the performers in his own sketch?

fifteen from 30

Allison Janney

If Janney ever hosts an episode, we have a request: She has to repeat her cover from “The Jackal” The western wing.

16 from 30

Joaquin Phoenix

His acting roles are eclectic and his sense of humor is dry. He would be the perfect candidate to play in a Weekend Update segment.

17th from 30

Michael B. Jordan

Can Sylvester Stallone and Jordan get theirs back on? Creed Roles for a specific scene? Maybe a boxing match thrown in there?

18th from 30

Nick Offerman

Think of the guest stars (and characters) Nick Offerman would bring with him if he were ever to host.

19th from 30

Kristen Bell

Given their success on The good placeBell knows how to make an audience laugh.

20th from 30

Sandra Bullock

If Miss Congeniality taught the world everything, the fact is that Sandra Bullock is not afraid to play a slapstick comedy.

21st from 30

Denzel Washington

I mean … it’s Denzel Washington we’re talking about.

22nd from 30

Susan Sarandon

She has already starred in a sketch with Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake. What else can she do on the show when given the chance to become a host?

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Ali Wong

Featuring popular comedy specials on Netflix and writing for shows like Degrees off the boatThere was no way she would put her two cents into one of the sketches.

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John Krasinski

We all know that Krasinski can bring the funny. But now that it’s shredded, maybe there is a way to record a fitness class sketch?

25th from 30

James Corden

A little ridesharing karaoke. A little crosswalk the musical. Talk about a great episode idea.

26th from 30

Leonardo Dicaprio

Sure, Leo is one of the most famous men to step on a Hollywood red carpet these days. But who remembers how they started acting on the comedy sitcom? Growing pains?

27 from 30

Sacha Baron Cohen

He is known for taking his characters to extremes. If there’s one place to try out new material, it’s a hosting gig SNL would be the perfect place for that.

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Tom Cruise

If SNL found a way to bring Impossible mission At level 8H, Cruise’s name would be written all over it.

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Stephen Colbert

He’s already put on two talk shows that night and knows how to play political satire. Just imagine how he would react in a 2020 election sketch …

30th from 30

Owen Wilson

He has acted in comedies like Wedding Crashers, you, me and Dupree, and The internship. If his material has anything to do with his films, he would be a perfect match for the host role.

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