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Is the keto diet for you?

Disclaimer: This article is not intended for diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your doctor, inform your medical history and current medication before making any drastic changes to your diet. It is generally accepted that our bodies are carbohydrate power plants, with glycogen stored in the liver and muscles to fuel our lives – and we are very efficient in that! …

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Do these muscles look "old" to you?

The question of whether your muscles look old is probably not something that you hear every day. Now you could ask a similar question about your face, skin, clothes or even your car … but your muscles? When we talk about our muscles, we typically focus on size, shape, or strength. But, have you ever stopped to wonder what goes …

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Coconut oil: is it healthy?

Coconut oil has exploded in popularity over the past decade, presenting the positive health benefits over other oils, especially health-conscious gourmets. It seems that it is used in everything from the recipes to cleaning supplies and even skin care products. However, within the last year, individual practitioners and institutions such as the American Heart Association have voiced their concern about …

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Can running give your life more time?

The New York Times published an article stating that "one hour of running can add seven hours to life". Of course we were fascinated. The study on which this article is based was conducted by the Cooper Institute in Dallas and found that runners still live three years longer than non-runners, even if on a slow or uneven basis. They …

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Brighten up your day with a morning routine!

Not everyone is a morning person. Of course, while some people wake up and are ready to go, most of us would probably sleep through our morning meetings if it were an option. While it feels great to get extra beauty sleep, this "slumber button" mentality can affect productivity and cause far more problems than it solves . Instead of …

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3 ways to stay motivated during the workout

We're all trying to cheat our training sometimes – no matter if you're talking about the last set, wonder if you really have to do cardio today, or convince yourself [19659004] If you do not have a leg day so you can walk tomorrow experiencing a lack of motivation in the gym can be just as harmful as it will …

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