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Fitness and Health

Exercise-Induced Asthma or Am I Just Out of Shape?

You are out for a nice fall run, but after 5 minutes you have a cough and cannot catch your breath. Is this what it feels like to be out of shape? Is it allergies? Maybe and maybe. Or it could be exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB), also known as exercise-induced asthma. Does EIB mean you have to throw in the towel …

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Daily lower body and leg exercises for quads

You may have heard it before. Or seen it. Talk to enough people in the gym about leg training and at some point someone will mention the “tear”. For bodybuilders and fitness junkies, this is leg-day legend stuff, the muscle they all want to develop with their lower body workouts. And to get it, they have to develop and isolate …

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17 simple recipes for an intimate party

Many of us are scaling down our Thanksgiving celebrations this year. Whether you miss your family or are relieved that there are fewer dishes, there is one key benefit to having two get together: much less competition for leftover cake. Although the recipes can be smaller when you’re preparing and cooking a Thanksgiving feast for two, the food can still …

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Dealing with stress, news, and social media

I have no words how to describe the 2020 election cycle – or 2020 in general. So I’m going to take you to this video of “two lynxes having an intense conversation”. Or you can view it as the actual footage of the first presidential debate. It is your call. The 2020 election Has was intense. And that’s no surprise, …

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Your voting plan should include these 17 things

We are a week before the last day you can vote in the US. People research candidates. You saw the debates (or you signed out). Now they are sending out ballot papers and lining up at polling stations to exercise their constitutional right. The voters are incredibly invested in the outcome of this election. People have been discussing voting plans …

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10 deadlift variations to light up your legs and butt

The deadlift is a great exercise for really working the entire back of your body – including your hamstrings, buttocks, and back. And there are tons of deadlift variations that make it easy to pick the right version for you. Deadlift is an example of a compound exercise, meaning you use multiple groups at the same time. This will make …

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