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5 smoothie recipes for the summer

As summer time warms, the need to cool off is stronger than ever! We want you to be prepared. The best way to defy the heat is to use a nutrient-filled smoothie that will help you cool down and meet your health and fitness goals. Whether you prefer a protein-rich smoothie or like to infuse fruit, we have a smoothie …

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The reason coffee makes you poop

If you like a lot of people, your morning cup with Joe is bright-eyed and ready for the day – as soon as you're done with the shit. But what about the brew that breaks your bowels? Many people think caffeine gets things going, but that may not be the case, according to a preliminary study done on rats. Critters …

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Why "Game of Thrones" actually had the best possible end

It took eight seasons, a two-year break, and countless deaths, but Game of Thrones finally ended last night with its story. There are still spin-off TV shows and future installments of George R. R. Martin's novels, but this is the last time we see our favorite characters on screen. And, for the most part, "The Iron Throne" managed to deliver …

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How Sophie Turner got to Sansa's Game of Thrones

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the finale of Game of Thrones . If you do not want to know what's happening, stop reading now. • Game of Thrones ended with Sansa Stark as queen to the north. • Before the finale, actress Sophie Turner said some fans would not be happy with how her character's story ended. • …

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How To Improve Your Children's Mental Health

It is the parent's primary motive to give your children ideal values ​​and help them grow emotionally. Know these simple tips to improve your children's mental health. Parents focus on the overall growth of the child for a healthy life. Each parent tries its best to ensure that their child receives all the nutrients they need to grow. But not …

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