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What is DOMS and how does it affect my training?

Corey Jenkins / Getty When you go to a gym, you're likely to hear someone talking about how hard his muscles are affected by a workout they recently did have performed. This pain, commonly known as DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness, affects countless athletes and bodybuilders in the days after a strenuous workout. But what exactly is that? According …

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Best air purifier on Amazon for allergies

You can view your home as a safe haven from pollution and allergens. But understand that, even though you may not recognize it, indoor air is often twice as polluted as the air in the air, thanks to dust, mold, and chemicals that accumulate in the closed space over time. "Some Things Like house dust mites may only be in …

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Total Gym Addicts, Kimberly's History

My head was in the fog. My memory was terrible. My motivation was not there. I hated to look in the mirror. Clothes – any clothes, just felt wrong. I felt like I was succumbing to what was expected of a 40-year-old. I felt irrelevant. But I was not irrelevant. In March, I decided that my desire to change would …

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12 healthy spices and herbs for cooking

Rosemary is a fragrant, versatile herb related to mint (it is also great for essential oils). For all residents with small distances who want to develop their green thumb, it is very easy to grow indoors, and they can be used for cooking as a dried and fresh herb. Rosemary extract contains polyphenols that have been linked to anti-cancer effects, …

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Muscle & Fitness Podcast # 018: Shitty Trainer Talking to Jordan Shallow AKA The Muscle Doc

Read the latest episode of our podcast! This Week on Muscle & Fitness Podcast Reps, Celebrity Coach Don Saladino (@donsaladino) and Muscle & Fitness Executive Editor Zack Zeigler (@zraz) Sit down with chiropractor, powerlifter and strength trainer Jordan Shallow (The Muscle Doc) to discuss the importance of stability for achieving stability and mobility, for achieving strength. Function videoLoadCallback () { …

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