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Casey King visits a doctor

TLCs Family by the Ton A spin-off of his hit reality series My 600-lb Life provides sobering insights into the realities of people who are struggling with obesity , One such example of the new season of Family by the Ton which premiered on January 2 and is broadcast every Wednesday, is Casey King.

King, who weighs over 700 pounds and lives with his father in Georgia, spends much of his time in bed playing video games. "I just ate until I was dead," he said in the premiere of this season. "I never thought I would live with my dad when I was 34, I would not have a job, I would not have any real money and I would just play and eat video games all day long."

But King is eager for change. TLC provided Men's Health with this exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, featuring Dr. Procter visits bariatric surgery, a category of surgeries performed on people who suffer from obesity, including gastric bypass. King gets nervous as he approaches his appointment time.

"I'm a bit worried to balance myself and figure out how much I weigh," says King in the car with his dad on his way to the doctor's office. "I'm sure the diet they want to expect from me will be absolutely crazy."

"I'm afraid of the operation in general, but if I do not change, I could be immobile in five years. Where they let me slide out of my room, "he adds.

King is actually asked to meddle in the office while weighing, and he takes off his flip-flops to reduce the weight of the scale, he looks scared as he sees, the number goes north of 600.

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