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Carrie Underwood states that "jumping back" after her second pregnancy was not easy


Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for CALIA by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood's second pregnancy was completely different from her first: for a start, getting there was anything but easy : After suffering three miscarriages, she questioned her fertility and believed she would miss her chance to have more children: After Underwood had announced she was pregnant again in August last year, she felt she was great and could keep up with her training, but since she gave birth to her son Jacob in January, her postpartum fitness is no longer the case Not everything she had hoped for.

She participated in Instagram to say that her body not only feels different, it feels like she lost the strength she once had.

"I'll be honest," jumping back "after Jacob was a lot harder than after Isaiah and I was pretty hard on myself lately," she recently wrote on Instagram next to a gym -Selfie. "I go to the gym and can not run so fast or so far, I can not lift that much weight or do as many repetitions as I did a year ago." (See also: Carrie Underwood refused to let her accident stop her training.)

Feeling frustrated, Underwood says she's having trouble accepting that her body is now moving at a different pace. "I just want to feel … to feel my body the way I know it," she wrote.

But after taking a step back, Underwood realized that her attitude had changed. "As I trained today, I realized that my body has not belonged to me for the last 11 (ish) months," she wrote. "It was a perfect home for Jacob," she wrote. "And even now it's every time he drinks his milk." Underwood, who embraced her role as a mother, vowed to be kinder while continuing her life as a singer, wife and now mother two.

"As I prepare for red carpets and life on tour, I now promise to appreciate what my body can do and stop concentrating on what it can not," she wrote. "I promise to analyze every nook and cranny, every pound and every meal, I will continue on the way as it is a journey and as long as I am always working towards my goals, one day I will do it I will make it day By day, smile and train the girl in the mirror because I will and will continue to love this body and everything he has done! "

When it comes to losing baby weight and trying to get to her It's so easy to get carried away and simply focus on aesthetic results. In reality, postpartum fitness is probably a completely different experience than most mothers imagine. (Just look at star trainer Emily Skye, whose pregnancy trip was completely different than planned). But the fact that you can take the time to exercise or simply practice self-care is worthy of being celebrated, in and of itself. Even if your strength is not what it once was, that's fine. Heck, even if fitness has to take a back seat, sometimes with a new kid in the house, that's okay too. Strength is not always measured by how much weight you can lift, how many repetitions you can perform, or how many times you can do it every week at the gym. Strength sometimes means having the confidence to meet where you are – or, as Underwood said, "staying the way" no matter where that path might lead you.

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