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Cari Champion shares her bedtime routine

Realize that TV makeup is a lot. Fortunately, I have good skin – I don’t get breakouts, I don’t knock on wood – and I think that has a lot to do with just being very diligent about my routine. So I use Neutrogena wipes that are not perfumed and I wipe my face, I remove my eyelashes. I use two or three wipes because it’s usually a heavy wipe off. I then go back and take Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and wash my face with my hands with lukewarm water. It was my go-to place forever. I just don’t know anything else. I can feel the granules of some glue residue and make sure it all comes out of my eyes. After washing my face, I go over it again to see what remains.

I have a woman who does facials ̵

1; she’s obviously closed – but she’s like a face whisperer. She has this little shop, it’s almost like having to whisper a code word to get in and she lets you go to the back of the room and she puts something in your face and she won’t tell you what it is but it works perfectly. One of the things she gave me early on when I broke out a lot was Biologique Recherche. It is a moisturizing, moisturizing toner, but it also feels like it has a firming component. It contains a hyaluronic acid that works really very well for my skin. Some people might think it’s too much, but I use P50. And then I take Obagi’s vitamin C serum, somewhere between 15 and 20 percent. Then I grab my Cinq Mondes, which means five ingredients in French. I use their infinity cream around my eyes and sometimes I put them around my mouth for the braces.

I use different types of moisturizers. I use Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream, which I love. It depends on summer, winter, whatever, but I switch between this and the Active Moist depending on whether my skin is dry or not dry, it’s too oily. I also use curology. You have a nice, lightweight moisturizer for your face. And then I go and put a hood on my head which is a nice thing and then I watch TV until I fall asleep. I fall asleep with the TV on because for some reason it’s comforting.

Her teenybopper taste on television

I watch Netflix. I usually try to find something that is a breeze because when I get ready to sleep, I can’t really pay attention. So The politician You can follow without it being too intense. Gosh, I hate to admit it, but also Kiss booth 1 and 2. Inside me there is a trapped Teenybopper that I’m still looking at. And when I go to bed early enough and I’m fine and don’t feel like falling asleep, I’ll catch up The cable now. Jemele moderates a podcast about The cableand she embarrassed me so i have to see it. It’s great, great, great television. So I see what I missed. I’ll tell you, I am the type of person who loves to see a historical piece. Sense and sensitivity. Pride and Prejudice. I watch this over and over again. I could live in a historical piece forever.

About the importance of naps

I think naps are underrated, and I don’t think most people take them. When I get home from work at 11 a.m. or noon, I go to work out and then come home and take a nap. And then I show up at 4am which is probably why I stay up so late at night. But nap is underestimated for me, and people should. I am a queen of the nap. And I know that some people feel like they just can’t fall asleep during the day, but my mind can shut itself off in the afternoon for some reason – it just can. So I can take a nap easily. No matter what is going on, anywhere, anytime, anywhere. All my old roommates would say, “Cari is the queen of a nap.” I would say: “Definitely. I’ll show you how to do it. “I love naps. I think that’s a lot of how I can catch up with sleep and function.

On her workout routine

I’m trying to tune out 9-11am so I can do skipping rope and yoga. I literally grabbed a jump rope from Amazon for about $ 10. I go to the back yard and jump. I watch all these movies with boxers who can jump right away and make it look so easy, but it’s not easy at all. When I started, I started, stopped, started, stopped, started, stopped and it was so frustrating, but I stuck with it. Probably about two weeks later I really had a tempo, rhythm, and beat so that I could jump rope for about 30 to 45 minutes. I play my speakers at full speed and tune into various radio stations. It could be Justin Bieber Radio or Beyoncé Radio or Bob Marley Radio [all on Apple Music]what I feel like doing. When I do it on Sundays, I play gospel because I think it’s appropriate and I break it and jump on my rope. That is good for me. I love it.

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