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Career highlights what George Harrison taught him and more

What is the best survival tip you know?

At school, I learned to shoot a .303 rifle, take off a pistol, and reassemble it blindfolded. They set us up with a pack and a map, a compass and some cheese in Wales and said, "See you later." These courses were referred to as Junior Leadership Courses and I discovered that I never wanted to do such a thing over and over again my life. Not being in the army is a good survival tip.

What is the secret of a happy relationship?

You need to learn how to live alone if you want to live with another person. Being alone is very good for you.

How should a man cope with getting older?

With care I think. And preferably with a wife or a partner to help.

What should every man understand about women?

I think it's important to be sympathetic. A big advantage for me is that I was able to dress up. I know what it's like to wear high heels, long eyelashes, fingernails, and run.

What role should vanity play in a man's life?

Not at all. Narcissism and vanity are two of the most devastating things for humans.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be patient. Things will work out.

What is the best remedy for heartbreak?

I do not think I fall in love, probably.

Who was the main influence in your life?

I have received much life training from George Harrison. I met him in about 1

975 at a demonstration of the Holy Grail . He said, "Want to come and have a refrigerated container in the projection booth?" It started a wild ride. We just talked and talked, and it was very interesting and pretty fabulous.

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