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Can running give your life more time?

The New York Times published an article stating that "one hour of running can add seven hours to life". Of course we were fascinated.

The study on which this article is based was conducted by the Cooper Institute in Dallas and found that runners still live three years longer than non-runners, even if on a slow or uneven basis. They found that running just five miles a day was associated with longer lifetimes! The New York Times also noted that

"Perhaps most interestingly, researchers have calculated that hour by hour statistically spends more time on people's lives than they consume, with researchers spending an average of two hours a week As the average number of runners in the Cooper Institute's study was calculated, the researchers estimated that a typical runner would run for less than six months over almost 40 years, but could expect a rise in life expectancy of 3.2 Years, for a net profit of about 2.8 years. "

You could increase your life by 2-3 years ̵

1; how crazy is that? Think about what you could check in your bucket list with an extra two or three years in your life?

Why should not you try to make an attempt if this study produces such strong results? Finally there is SO MUCH to win.

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