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Build your ham and calves in 3 trains with Branch Warren

Branch Warren wants to tell you something that you may not want to hear: they are just as "built" as your calves and hamstrings.

That may sound like a kind of body criticism intended only for elite professionals. But this bodybuilding legend and Kaged Muscle athlete wants every lifter to hear them everywhere. It's a window into why he's been a successful bodybuilder and successful businessman since his teens.

Here's the thing: when lifting and in life most of us are damn good at doing what we already are strong at. And we're pretty awful when it comes to reaching the same intensity where we're missing it.

In other words, you may have tried all the intensity boosters and novel repetition schemes in your book for your quads, but what about your hamstrings? They are probably the same old 3-4 sets with 1

0-15 repetitions. Stop as soon as you feel a light burn and jump straight off the machine. Do the same for your calves – maybe – and go home.

According to Branch, this inhibits your leg training – and even why your back hurts.

"Strong hamstrings when you do squats or push-ups, it will help you stabilize the movement and only make you stronger and better," he explains. "If your hamstrings are weak, you're more likely to hurt your lower back, the back, abdominals, and hamstrings all play together, they not only look better, they're stronger, too." Overall, more balanced.

Here you will find everything you need to know to deepen your training and definition in the lower body.

Brutally simple and simply brutal

This routine is short – seriously, it could only take you 10 -15 minutes – but it's only part of the day on Branch's lower body, usually at the end of a quad workout loaded with squats, lurches, and lunges over the Metroflex parking lot Begin leg days with hamstrings, an intense cramping feast that you have to experience to believe it.

Just do a few hamstring exercises – everyone will do it. "Branch likes the lying leg flexion and the sitting leg flexion so he can but one of them will work:

  • Seated leg flexion (one or two legs)
  • Leg flexion (one or two legs) [1 9659012] Barbell leg flexion
  • Sitting leg flexion (one or two legs) two)

Choose your first move and then build up at least 12-15 reps. Branch makes the full stack for 15-20 reps, but … he's Branch Warren.

As soon as he reaches the maximum weight or uses the machine to the fullest, Branch says: "I do as many as I can, let it down, make as many as I can [then]let it down and make as many as you can I can. After I'm warmed up, I choose another variation and basically do the same again. "

This is a high-intensity workout at its finest, and most people are cooked after a working set and a double drop of each move. Branch makes at least 2 sets.

"At the end of the day, it's about how much blood you can force into muscle," he says. "How else can it grow?"

Workout for hamstrings and calves by Branch Warren


2 sets, 12-15 repetitions (double drop set after each set)


2 sets, 12-15 repetitions (double Dropset after each set)


2 sets, 12-15 reps (double Dropset after each set)

Technique Tips

Lying Leg Curl

Before you reach your working weight, make a few light warm-up exercises with about 15-20 repetitions. It's okay if you do not count the repetitions. Just go on until you feel a good pump, but not until you make mistakes. Then make a set with the heaviest weight you can handle for about 12-15 reps. Branch likes it when the lying leg first lures because it can get heavier and because the positioning and the grips allow it to really explode into any repetition. Do not sell yourself here too short.

  Lying leg flexion

Seated leg flexion

Start again with a few light warm-up sets. Then it's time for the same battle you've just finished: a working set, followed by two drop sets. But this time it's all about speed and control.

"The way I make sitting bells is that I hold my arms in front of my chest and then come down and squeeze myself," explains Branch. "Your leg biceps is just like your arm biceps, so it's like making a concentration curl for your biceps, they come up and then press down, slow down and then push in. They get as much blood as they do You." I feel much better than when I'm having a hard time.

  Seated Leg Flexure

Standing Calf Lifts

"For years I did not do calf training and they were my best part of my body," says Branch. "But now that I'm retired, I like to train. So I put some calves back into the mix just because I like to do it. "

Same as Hammies: a heavy set with full stretch and contraction at each repetition, followed by two drops Once again, if you're brave – or just masochistic – then limp for a shower and beat your protein after your workout.

A Fit Fit for the Legend

"This is the one day that You really test yourself and find out how much you really want to win. Sometimes people find out they did not want to win as much as they thought, "says Branch." It's a bowel exam. Become sick. Get nosebleeds. Build cramps. Falling off. That's all part of the leg, man.

"But the people who do not just go through it, but do it better than they did last time, every time? Those are the people who are masters."

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