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Build a budget home gym with these tips from celebrity trainer Erin Oprea

The benefits of having a home fitness center are plentiful: time savings on commuting, money saved on memberships, distractions from other gymnasts eliminated and excuses for non-trained training reduced. For some, these benefits are big enough to completely dispense with a public gym.

"I'm doing all in-home training," celebrity coach Erin Oprea is one of his famous clients Carrie Underwood ] and Kelsea Ballerini tells SELF , "With a gym in the home, you can keep fit where you can."

When Oprea moved to a new home in Nashville last month, her first assignment was to build a functional gym in the freestanding garage next to hers House. "My house still looks like [a disaster] but at least my training center is complete," she says.

Although her fitness center is admittedly larger and more extensive than what most of us could construct in our own homes has her own mini-relaxation area, which is essentially similar to a living room), she assures that it's possible one Creating a functional home training zone ̵

1; that you (a) like and (b) actually use – with much less.

No matter how much money you have or how much space you have, "I want people to realize that they can," says Oprea. Here is her advice on how to make this possible.

Note: The product links below are for the items Oprea bought for their home gym and may not be the cheapest option.

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First, consider your offer Space and the surrounding floors, lighting and mirrors.

Although Opreas Garage has become a haven for fitness, it is undoubtedly dreamy, as I said, but you do not need so much space – and you certainly do not need a completely separate area – to create a functional training center. You can use an additional bedroom, your basement or even a niche or corner of an existing room, says Oprea. Only condition? Enough space to mount a standard yoga mat and a half lengthwise. "With so much space you can get a great workout," says Oprea.

When you oversee your options, keep an eye on the lights. Oprea recommends a place with plenty of natural lighting (if you like to work during the day) or bright incandescent lamps that create energetic mood at any hour. "When it's dark, I'm not motivated to exercise," says Oprea. "Often my workouts are late at night and the brightest place still gives me a cheerful feeling." Her room is lit by a three-armed floor lamp (19459027), a lighting fixture, and a chandelier but of course you do not need so many different fixtures to set an energetic scene. Avoid staying away from fluorescent substances and other harsh lighting that pollutes your eyes. (Oprea uses soft white LED bulbs in their lights.)

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Flooring is also important. Whether you're creating a room from scratch or just trying to choose the best area for your workout area, opt for a hard, non-slip surface such as wood, laminate, concrete or vinyl, says Oprea. "Then throw a mat on it when you want to lie on the floor," she says. Avoid the carpet – you can not perform certain movements (such as jumping rope), you could burn the carpet, and cleaning is more difficult if you drip sweat on it. Oprea chose a wood-patterned vinyl .

Finally, if possible in your room, you should look at a full-length mirror. "So watch your shape," says Oprea, who took a 9.5 by 5 foot mirror that had previously been hung in her living room and painted the silver frame black to better match the decor of her fitness center. In terms of the ideal mirror size: "The bigger, the better, but do what you can," she says.

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If you have decided on a field, you must fill it up with the right training equipment.

Oprea says her social media supporters are ringing everyday with questions about building a home gym. The most common request: "What kind of equipment do you think should be in place?" Her philosophy is simple: "I do not like being cluttered," she says. "Who wants a lot of equipment at home? I wanted it to be functional and contain only things that I really need on a daily basis.

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Her essential pieces include a skipping rope (ideal for cardio), ] BOSU-ball (good stability training), two sets of dumbbells (one light and one medium; ideal for strength training), mini loop resistance bands (versatile resistance training), a mat (for stretching and movement on the ground) and a foam roller ( an excellent tool for restoring workouts).

With these elements you can: "You can work with your whole body," says Oprea and "do a killer workout." This equipment adds to "simple but effective" movements. "That's my training style. I do not like fancy moves and moves that require an hour of teaching time. "

You may also want to consider special gear if you have extra space and resources.

In addition to the basics outlined above, Oprea's new home gym has been stocked with specialty products that, while not needed for a great workout, can give your routine a change. This includes a chin-up bar which she wraps with TRX bands (19459054). "It's so versatile," she says. She also has a Slamball she uses for Slams (Duh), squat presses and cross body chops. Although many of the benefits of power training a slam ball can be recreated with dumbbells, "there is nothing better than the stress reduction when a ball is knocked down," she says.

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It also holds a ab wheel advanced device to expert, which is "killer for abs" and "one of my favorites for the thigh muscles," Oprea says as well as the combat ropes . Ankle Weights and a Exercise Ball . Finally, she makes box jumps and step-ups on a box that her husband built from leftover wooden planks.

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If you've determined what equipment you need, you can save money with these resources

Oprea loves both SPRI.com and Amazon as a low-priced training device. Walmart and Jet.com are also reliable bets for more affordable exercise equipment. If you want to save even more money, you will find great equipment in the second-hand shops on site. With the exception of bands that can easily wear out, Oprea says that virtually all other types of exercise equipment can be used. "Dumbbells are dumbbells," she says – whether it's $ 50 from a specialty store or $ 2 from Facebook Marketplace, they serve the same purpose.

From there you should take some time to make your fitness center inviting.

Make your space as aesthetically pleasing, inviting and comfortable as possible, says Oprea. No matter how big your training zone is, you should build it up so that "you really want to be there," says Oprea. "If it's in the corner of a room, then do it. Make it beautiful."

This can be achieved by and large by a thoughtful design, and Oprea took inspiration from her home in decorating her gym and used the same colors – gold, black and white – as well as similar accents, including black chairs a modern chandelier and marble coffee table then she jazzed the walls with a black and white patterned Wallpaper and sprinkled plants and framed photos of her two children throughout the room to make them "homely." She also added a dog bed for her Bernese Mountain Dog because he is "my right hand, my coach, and my cheerleader

The common connection between these design elements: they bring joy to Oprea. "When you create a place that gives you that feeling, you're over [and actually do a workout]. "You do not have to spend a lot of money on decorations to create that atmosphere. You can print your own wellbeing photos, reuse items you already have at home and buy cheap decors at discount stores like HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshalls.

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One more thing to keep in mind Your space is intelligent storage. This keeps your training area clean and relaxed, which can contribute to a pleasing and stimulating space overall. Oprea used a base magazine filled with baskets to stow their equipment, though TV cabinets, dresser drawers and bookshelves also work well. When you're ready to exercise, "just pull it out the way you need it," says Oprea.

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Finally, make sure you have a good music system, Oprea says. "What would a workout be without Nelly Radio on Pandora?" She asks. You do not need anything as elaborate as the music system that Oprea has mounted in the rafters of their garage – a Bluetooth speaker or even a playlist blasted from your phone can do the trick.

The quintessence: With some creativity and thoughtful planning, you can also have a great home workout.

Let Oprea be your inspiration. "I do not have time to train for a full hour on most days," she admits. But with her home workout room, "I can stay here for 20 minutes, 10 minutes there. It's so handy to have the stuff I need for a killer workout. "

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