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BRRRN Board Review – BRRRN Slide Board for Leg Training

You did a lot of squats, lunges, and deadlifts this year. And thanks to coronavirus quarantines, there’s a good chance you did a lot of this with body weight or with random items around your house (backpack deadlifting FTW!).

And yes, that went a long way in helping you maintain your leg strength and strength. But if you are a little bored with your workout, we can’t blame you. In a year of home training after home training, leg exercises, in particular, can be challenging. After all, your leg muscles are among the strongest muscles in your body, and they are designed to be challenged with great loads.

When you get back to the gym, you can squat and deadlift again with large weights. But if you aren̵

7;t (and heck, if you are), you might want a more complicated leg challenge at home. And this is where the BRRRN board comes in.

The BRRRN board is a slideboard, a simple but underrated fitness tool that challenges your legs (and other body parts as well) with great instability. Think of this as a rectangular sheet of ice and imagine walking on this ice. The slippery, unstable nature of the ice pushes several stabilizing muscles in your legs (and throughout your core and buttocks) into high gear, stabilizing you against a fall that you hope will never come.

Stepping on the BRRRN board gives the same feeling. Put on the included ankle boots and you are essentially on a surface that offers constant instability. It’s also nearly frictionless, allowing you to slide back and forth like you would while ice skating. And if you’ve ever skated, you know how effectively the movement challenges your stabilizing hip muscles.


Sliding back and forth on the BRRRN board gives you a little cardio and allows you to move in multiple planes as well. For most leg exercises, from lunges to deadlifts to squats, you’re moving in what is known as the sagittal plane and training the muscles in much the same way that you would walk or run. The body can also move sideways, and this sideways movement is a key, especially when exercising. You can practice this on the BRRRN board by simply sliding back and forth.

Countless other exercises can be performed on the BRRRN board: sliding hamstring curls, lunges that keep your feet off the ground, and many other movements can be easily performed here.

It all adds up to a great leg swap workout that I quickly loved. I’ll still be doing these other leg basics, squats, lunges, and other weighted movements in the gym. But then I go in, turn on Amazon Prime, and hit the BRRRN board for extra legwork. It’s simple and friendly, and maybe best of all, it pulls me off the base weights and gets me moving in a different way.

After a long year of quarantine basics and more than a little fitness boredom, the BRRRN board is fun on its own.

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