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Britain's Best Obstacle Race and Mud Runs of 2019

The modern steeplechase is not only tailor-made for boastful rights, it's a much better test of full-body fitness than a typical 10-km or cyclist. The mixture of walls, pits and bars should tax your upper body as well as your heart. Think of this as your call to (stronger) arms: Sign up for one of our event picks below and use our training sessions and the most important exercises to not surf that day, but to get through it in style.

Great Britain's Best Obstacle Course and Mud Race of 2018

Best for Teamwork: Tough Mudder

The biggest, if not the hardest mud run in the UK. The "Classic" event gives preference to the timing chips and favors teamwork instead: some obstacles can not be overcome successfully without success. So you can help each other through mud pits and walls. Classic events usually run 1

6 to 19 km of hilly races, with intentionally unpleasant chunks such as the Arctic Enema (immersion in icy water) and electric shocks alongside the more physically demanding things. As always, new obstacles are on the agenda, including the Mudderhorn, a 7.6 meter high cargo network that you must band together to conquer. Shorter 5km courses started last year, and there is also a time wave when you feel you have to be the toughest mom.

  • 12.-13. April, Finsbury Park, London (5K)
  • 4.-5. May Fawley, Hampshire
  • 18.-18. May, Grantham, Lincolnshire
  • 15.-16. June, Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfries and Galloway
  • 27.-28. July, Skipton, Yorkshire
  • 17.-18. August, Badminton, Gloucestershire
  • 7.-8. September, Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire
  • 21-22. September, Holmbush Estate, West Sussex

Sign up for £ 45- £ 99

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Best For TV Obsessives: Rough Runner

We all made it: sat motionless the sofa and dreamed of overcoming the obstacles on Ninja Warrior or, if you are older, Gladiators with feline grace. Well, here's your chance to make your dream come true or to overfill it with a bucket of cold reality. Rough Runner offers 5km, 10km and 15km of trails with obstacles that have been "inspired" by these shows (we're sure the rights cost a penny). There are many Wipeout -inspired challenges in oversized inflatable paddling pools, so at some point expect an unwelcome dip. The grand finale, however, is not inspired by anything – it's just the Gladiator's Travelator (19459019), basically a long treadmill on a steep slope that needs to do more. "Why is he falling? My Gran could do that, "presents itself as every other obstacle to gaming.

  • 13th-14th April, Wiston Estate, West Sussex
  • 18.-19. May, Great Tew Estate, Oxfordshire
  • 15.-16. June, Arley Hall and Gardens, Cheshire
  • 20.-21. July, Lambton Estate, County Durham
  • 17.-18. August, Penicuik Estate, Midlothian
  • 5.-6. October, Finsbury Park, London

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Best for a Mettle Test: Reebok Spartan

It's a fixture in the Mud Race calendar for a reason. The Spartan's Sprint, Super and Beast options range from a one-hour excursion to a half-day barbed wire that crawls, hauls tires and carries heavy items. Complete all three race types in one year to earn your place in the Spartan Trifecta tribe. Obstacle failure means punishment, so it's a good idea to include your roping technique now.

  • 4th-5th May, St. Clere Estate, Kent
  • 22.-23. June, Aston Down, Gloucestershire [19659006] 13.-14. July, Marston Lodge, Leicestershire
  • 14.-15. September, South Inch Park, Perth
  • 5.-6. October, Rapley Farm, Berkshire

From £ 77

Ideal for off-road driving: Wolf Run

If you prefer your obstacles to be more natural – think muddy woods and iced lakes – then sign up a wolf run on. It's a more demanding stamina than most – there's some ankle-threatening terrain and one of the few real swimming sections in the obstacle race. Real maniacs will want to sign up for the Winter Wolf, which the organizers refer to as "noticeable" because it's really cold in the lakes at this time of the year.

  • 13th-14th April, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
  • 1.-2. June, Stanford Hall, Leicestershire
  • 7.-8. September, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
  • 2.-3. November, Stanford Hall, Leicestershire

Sign In | £ 45

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How Tough Mudder Total Warrior does not necessarily speak a race, even if it's yours Sign up for the five-hour Ultra Warrior. The person who completes the most laps or half rounds over a five-hour period will be chosen as the winner. Otherwise, you can just spend a good time with friends and muddy strangers helping with the obstacles that overcome the 10km, 12km or 10mile routes. There is also a 2 km Junior Warrior Run if your kids also feel muddy.

  • 21st-23rd June, Bramham Park, Leeds
  • 4.-5. August, Shap Abbey, Cumbria

Sign In | From £ 17.50

The Best For An Inflatable Adventure: Gung Ho

Not everyone wants their obstacle course to be a hard mud festival. If you prefer to move through a series of inflatable obstacles, sign up for one of Gung Ho's 5km runs. And it's going to be fun because it's almost impossible to not have a good time when there's so much inflatable action on offer.

  • 23rd March, Uttoxter Racecourse, Staffordshire
  • 6. April, Heaton Park, Manchester
  • 13. April Harewood House, Leeds
  • 20. April, Singleton Park, Swansea
  • 27. April, Cofton Park, Birmingham
  • 11. May, The Meadows, Edinburgh
  • 18. May, Castle Fraser, Aberdeen
  • 25. May, Strathclyde Country Park, Lanarkshire
  • 1. June, Chester Circuit, Chester
  • 8. June, Mote Park, Maidstone
  • 29. June, Witton Country Park, Blackburn
  • 6. July, Culden Faw Estate, Henley-on-Hames
  • 13. July, Crystal Palace Park, London
  • 20. July, Southampton Common, Southampton
  • 14. September, Herrington Country Park, Sunderland

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Mud Run – Training Sessions

Start-Start races are explosions of speed beat inpatient cardiovascular. Plan your PB accordingly with advice from dr. Andrew Murray, ultra-runner, sports medicine consultant at the University of Edinburgh and Ambassador of Merrell

Speed ​​Intervals

"Obstacle racing is a stop-start, so when I trained for Tough Mudder I once a week played an activity that pace imitated – like football or squash. If this is not an option, use intervals that mimic the pace of your race: 400-meter reps with relatively short pauses will work. Or you could just make a quick 5km run with occasional speed drops.

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Grip Training

Even if you only have one chin-up bar, you can still work out to overcome the obstacles. Make four rounds of session below – or use Burpees for hand strength and conditioning.

Knee Strike

Reps As many as possible

Then hang with both arms from the counter Release with one hand and grab the knee before holding on again. Repeat on the other side. You will build up the power of a single arm and coordination to quickly change the grip.

Tap Swing

Time 30 seconds

You need a sturdy rod one, but it's the best way to prepare for the jungle gym. Hang from the counter and bring your knees up, then stretch your legs to make your body swing. Repeat the process with each sweep to increase the amplitude. If you have enough space, practice the descent with a jump.

Lateral swing

Time 30 seconds

Hang with both hands on the bar and then gently swing back and forth. Swing with the legs. The hand on the side to which you are swinging seems to be lighter. If you have more experience, take a hand off the bar at the top of the turn.

Hill Sprints

"I did some hill reps once a week. This can help build up speed and stamina, in addition to the physical and mental powers you need. "Find a 50-100m big hill, drive it up and go down again. Repeat this five times and add one or two repetitions a week.

Power Workout

Explosive power is useless unless you are driven over obstacles. Add these steps to your normal routine to build up sports-specific power

Use Sprints to Conquer the Quarter Pipe

It is unlikely that you will find an exercise, so exercise in the apartment. They want to be over 50m as fast as possible to have a chance to grab the lip without help. Take 6x50m reps with a few minutes of rest – and when it comes to the real thing, sit back and lean slightly to turn the horizontal momentum into a vertical one.

Use the jump vault to defeat the subversions

High fences (and occasionally under nets) are light enough, but increasing efficiency makes it faster and tiring. Practice on the plyo boxes of your fitness center. As you jog, approach with one hand on top and take a quick step with the other foot as you sail across the pits.

Use Cat Hang Pull-Ups to Overcome Walls

These build up the strength of the upper body combined with the necessary coordination to bring your legs into play. Hang on a wall with your knees up. Pull up to the edge with the toes pressed onto the masonry, then lower it again. If you are confident, stretch your arms up and climb the wall.

Long Runs

"It's tempting to spend all your time training on mud and obstacles, but do not neglect the running element in your race – some of these races can have half a marathon distance or even longer. The general principle is to do one more run per week. Build it up step by step so that you can cover the distance of the current race two or three weeks before the race. This is a must, as obstacles and mud must be overcome on race day, which feels like it, even if you are against being supported by the other participants. "

Functional Fitness Workout

Curls won & # 39; Helping the Course – You need a power regime that mimics the demands of reality. Use this routine once a week


Sets 4 Reps max

If you have no rope, a towel over a chin-up bar lay. If you have, train on both the technique and the handle by practicing the lock by holding the rope between your feet and pushing it up to take the weight off the arms.

Loaded carry

Sets 5 Time 30sec

Carrying heavy objects is a staple of race, be it a tree trunk, canister canister or fellow human being. Hard to find, to find them in your gym? Improvise with a heavy pony – a dumbbell in each hand – or a Bulgarian bag over the shoulders, as far as possible.

Reverse series

Sets 3 Reps max

It helps with cargo-network-based obstacles, but also builds core strengths for wall crossings. Put it under a waist-high Smith machine bar or use a TRX lying flat on your back. Pull your chest to the kit, pause and sink under control.


Sets 5 Spacing 20m

The Spartan race calls it the Hercules Hoist – heavyweight over a reel with an arm-over-arm move pull. Imitate it in the gym by borrowing a fight rope and putting an end to a sandbag, then pulling. Use your back, not just your biceps.

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