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Brandan Fokkens whole body workout

Since the beginning of bodybuilding, there are body splits. They are still a popular educational framework for British women. Sometimes these workouts can be time consuming and you need to work out for 5-6 days a week. This may be the dream schedule of some hobby lovers, but it is not everyone's reality.

But only because you can not devote a full two hours to building your chest, arms or legs in a single session, not an excuse to skip the gym completely. Whether you want to exercise less often and more efficiently, or just mix the break between bread and butter, a full-body approach can give you a satisfying burn and a body that still looks like you're lifting big.

This quick course from Brandan Fokken will get you in and out of the gym quickly. If you only go to the gym 2-3 times a week, Fokken recommends that you do this exercise every session. If you're in the gym more often, throw it in once a week or every other week.

Brandan Fokkens Full Body Workouts

Brandan Fokkens Full Body Workout

Technique Tips

Single Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl

When you put your triceps on the preacher and the dumbbell Hold on to your shoulder, lower the weight slowly until the arm is stretched. Allow your bicep to fully stretch before rewinding the weight. Press firmly at the top and hold firmly before performing the next repetition.

Rope Triceps Pulldown

Hold the rope forward with the palms of your hands and place your shoulders back. Hold your upper body slightly forward in the direction of the weight stack. Your forearms should be parallel to the ground to begin. Your elbows should remain trapped at your sides throughout the movement. Bring the rope with your triceps towards your thighs. Finish with fully outstretched arms. Concentrate on the contraction at this point. Slowly bring the weight back to the start.

Leg Press

  Leg Press

Place your feet about shoulder-width and high enough on the platform so that knees remain over your ankles, and do not slide past your toes while Fokky's repetitions say you You need to put enough weight on the machine to increase your limits, but not so much that you can not finish every 10 reps in the second and third laps of the racetrack.

Calf Press

Do these steps on the leg press with the same weight as above. Before releasing the weight, place your toes on the underside of the platform. Keep knees slightly bent. Push your toes up and push the weight up with the balls of your feet. Then bend your foot back and allow your calves to fully extend before proceeding to the next repetition. Remember that the calves grow with great weight and many repetitions.

Plate Front Raise

Stand with shoulders pulled back and hold the plate on both sides. Lift it up with straight arms. Once your arms are parallel to the ground, hold for one second. Return to the starting position. Keep a light tempo and stick to both halves of the replay.

Machine Chest Press

  Machine Chest Press

Place your feet on the floor and sit up while the shoulder blades behind the pad are pulled back. Keep your elbows pressed in a bit. Stretching them too much may stress the shoulder joints. Push hard and push it into your chest halves to get one or two counts before returning to the start.

Hinged rear fly

In the bent position, your knees should be slightly bent and your back flat. Start with your arms straight down, with dumbbells in your hand and palms facing in or out. Try both to find out what works best for you! Lift the dumbbells to your side with a slight elbow bend. Walk all the way until you feel pressure in the upper back.

Seated Cable Row

The key here is to keep your torso rigid. Do not rock back and forth as you pull and pull out. Sit back with your shoulders and row right into your middle section. Visualize the pulling with the middle back. Do not let your arms do all the work.



Just because it only needs body weight does not mean that the pull-up is an exercise that needs to be rejected for the width! With wide grip and outstretched arms, lats fully stretched. Insert your outer back and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull yourself up, with your elbows pointing at your lats. Your body should move in a straight line. No swing! If you can not do 6-10 repetitions with body weight, use the supported machine or straps.

Machine Crunch

Abdominal muscles require different stimuli than any other muscle. Stop the cycle of your normal crunches and try this machine out. Pull your abs actively together while pulling your elbows against your knees. Choose a weight that's long enough for 10 repetitions.

Squat to Arnold Press

Hold the dumbbells by your shoulders so that your palms point toward you as if you had only a dumbbell roll. Perform a squat and be sure to stay upright. Your knees should feel with your toes as you move in parallel. Once you have hit the floor of the squat, you will explode upwards and go straight into an Arnold press. Turn the dumbbells up and up.

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