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Boredom with your gym routine? Sandbags can help!

You've probably skipped the sandbags in your gym, and I totally understand that. If you have not used sandbags before, it may be difficult to understand how to best integrate them into your workouts. I am here to change that! Sandbags are a great choice for improving both strength and coordination. Read on to learn how to use sandbags and why you should incorporate them into your fitness program.

When I think about what equipment I want to use with my customers, I ask myself:

  • Is this an effective tool for developing strength and movement?
  • Does it meet my requirements for functional training – that is, does it fulfill? Can I improve the body's ability to function efficiently at all levels, and can I increase the complexity of time to stress the kinetic chain?
  • Do I understand how to use it and, more importantly, how to train someone who uses it?

Sandbags are a great tool that meets all my requirements. Properly used, the sandbag can improve coordination between muscles and encourage your body to reproduce correct movement patterns and shapes. Sandbags are ideal for working in your holding position, body position and movement plane.

Handholds, Body Positioning, Levels of Movement, and How They Work

Handhold refers to how we gradually change the handle of the sandbag to change the load on the body. For example, a barbell has four or five different positions, while a sandbag has more than ten. When we change how we hold the sandbag, you exert more energy ̵

1; and make sandbags a fantastic efficient strength training device.

Posture refers to how we stand when we lift the sandbag. Minor changes in our posture can completely change the feel of an exercise. For example, if you perform a staggered posture, the exercise and response of your body completely changes.

Levels of Motion are the dimensions in which our bodies move. There are three levels of movement: transverse, frontal and sagittal. Since we are not moving in one dimension (it would be impossible!), We should not train this way. Introducing different ways to use your movement levels works best by first resisting them with movements such as shoulder squats, rotation lunge, and side moves, as in DVRT training.

Try adding some of these methods to your training:

Have you ever used The Sandbags? Are you ready to give them a chance after learning a little more about them? Tell us in the comments!

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