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Book Review of "Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Way to the Liberation of the Soul"

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There is nothing better than a thoughtful gift. I was amazed last year on my birthday when my friend pulled out a neatly wrapped gift from her purse. By the form, I knew it was a book. As someone who always had a new book in tow, I was punished. (FYI, these are the five best books on running.) I opened It looked down and saw the title: Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to the Liberation of the Soul by Melody Beattie.

I flipped through it and looked at it. "It's about changing your life," she said to me. This feels like a bold statement I thought to myself, smiled at her and read the card that belonged to it and then left We continue to a local bar on the ground floor.

Fo After some time, the book lived on my bedside table without being broken, until a few months later, when a rough break occurred, I looked for some extra support somewhere and everywhere In the morning I cuddled up in my comforter and saw the red and brown lid on my bedside table, and so I opened it.

What It Is

Every day of the year there is a new meditation, the personal experiences of the author They address a variety of issues, but most of them try to help themselves and discover their true purpose, which is the first thing I do every day In the last 365 days, I spent five minutes reading, digesting, and turning over the page. (See also: These books, blogs, and podcasts will inspire you to change your life.)

Let's summarize an example. "The Light Illuminate Your Path, November 1

5, in which Beattie writes about a drive she has made in Colorado. She did not have any accommodation and used it to drive how she felt. Finally, she came across a small hut that seemed to be drawn by the moon. She compares that experience to other times in life when we have to trust our instincts, follow our inner light, and believe that should be what should be.

Why I Love It

I feel that Beattie has this bizarre way of knowing what's going on in my life. Which is not true, of course, since the words have been on the page since the book was published in 2010. But the daily meditations have a strange ability to match the advice I need at a given time. A prime example: I recently had a hamstring injury and awoke one morning because I felt bad because I had taken a rest day. I open the book and the text says, "Renew yourself". Because of such passages, I look forward to the quiet minutes with the text in the morning, often before the sun rises. Time to breathe before I jump right into my busy day. (Trying to become a morning person – it's worth it.)

When I realized how much this book resonated with me, I started posting photos of the daily mantras on my Instagram story to them to share with friends and followers. In any case, I get about five direct messages when I ask for the name of the book and the author. (Yes, I regularly post the name and the cover of this book to avoid this). And although it repeats itself when the same title is entered again and again with four words, I can not help but think about how much Beattie is words helped me. That's why I answer every time because they know that they will do the same for someone else.

Where to Buy

This book can be found at most major bookstores and retailers, including Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart.

Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Way to the Liberation of the Soul (13.59 $, amazon.com)

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