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Bodybuilder Helle Trevino gets her wings

  Bodybuilder Bright Trevino gets her wings "title =" Bodybuilder Bright Trevino gets her wings "/>

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Exceeding the odds of winning

In 2004 I had just received my professional card and participated in my first Olympics when I burned several discs in my back. At that time, the athletes focused less on the importance of body work and recovery. There were only balls on the wall, take heavy shit! My doctor said I was done ̵

1; I would never attend again. I had to retire when I first started, but I did not give up hope that I would return. I've worked with a number of doctors and specialists and rehabilitated my back over the next eight years. In 2011 I made a comeback at the FIBO Pro in Germany and I won. Then, in 2017, 13 years after I was forced into early retirement, I won the Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Cup strength that gives us that, they gave us the highest prize money in history. There has never been an organization that has done more for women in bodybuilding. If there is something you love, you want to scream it all, and no one has cried with us until Wings of Strength. In the past, bodybuilders have been treated as a supporting role or only tolerated at events – it's not a funny feeling – but with Wings of Strength, you feel as part of a family while you're still a competitor. This year is my redemption year. I lost the title last year, but this year I will be up to date and take back this title! They just wanted to be skinny. Today I see that changes. More women want to be fit and strong. But we still have a long way to go, and I hope to pave the way for empowering women. Everyone should have the right to do what they want and not worry about what is socially acceptable. If someone tells me that women should not be so muscular, I just say, "Why not?" They never got an answer to Instagram stories @helletrevino.


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