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Bobby Maximus shares the Go Longer Home Bodyweight Workout

While the pandemic of the corona virus (COVID-19) has stopped everyday cadence for almost everyone, the world is now beginning to adapt. We all deal differently with the challenges of social distancing and self-isolation – but that doesn't mean that we have to be completely alone in every way.

At Men & # 39; s Health it is us. Use this time as an opportunity to build our community and share as much useful and positive information as possible. For those who miss their typical workout routines with closed gyms and fitness centers, we did our best to offer as many workout options as possible at home. But this is just the beginning. We also host live training sessions on Instagram with some of our favorite trainers to fill the gap in your daily routine with a fitness class.

Bobby Maximus, former UFC fighter, fitness personality and author of the men The book Health Maximus Body hosted the last session. Maximus attaches great importance to training without equipment if he has a fully equipped gym. Therefore, creating an accessible session for men who are stuck at home without access to equipment is a perfect fit for his training style.

His last session takes one of his routines from the book Maximus Body the Go Longer Workout. Like the other Maxmius routines, Go Longer is simple but absolutely brutal. You do 5 pushups, 1

0 lunges and 15 squats. In this session Maximus guides you through 10 rounds of the trio. However, if you work on your own time and can handle the volume, you can stack as many rounds as possible.

Just make sure you do your job counts. "Quality repetitions are the key," says Maximus. "Many people want to cheat. Don't cheat – full freedom of movement."

The Bobby Maximus Go Longer Workout

10 laps

  • 5 pushups
  • 10 lunges
  • 15 squats [19659011] Stay up to date on our workouts ET every weekday at 12 noon. Do you want to keep up with the sessions you missed? Check out the entire collection here.

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