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Bobby Maximus exercise training tips for men over 40

I did everything in my career. I fought at an extremely high level, got into 2nd place in the world kickboxing, I was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion and I fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Did I mention that I worked religious twice a day for the past 25 years? That's over 18,000 workouts. In my current condition, I stand 6'3 ", weigh 240 pounds and be under 10 percent body fat.

Why am I telling you this? That's because I've been able to overcome any obstacle that has been put in my way – except for getting older.

I do not want this article to talk about how great you can be later in life and how any man over 40 can look and feel like you're 20 years old. That's nonsense.

I would like to say that I'm just as fit today as I was when I was 20 years old. But that would be a lie. I would also like to tell you that my training did not have to change. That would be a lie too. I did not find the fountain of youth, I did not figure out how to beat Father Time ̵

1; by the way, he never lost – and I could not build my summit.

There are many things promised by promising men who can use their youthful energies as they get older. There is an infinite list of dishonest programs, books, infomercials and supplements. However, the reality is this: do you see many 40-year-old athletes just about to reach their peak? Does not happen When an athlete competes in the 1940s, he usually just tries to stay.

I'm not trying to overthrow or rain you at your parade. You can be extremely fit at the age of 40. They can look and feel relatively good – but it's not free, it's not easy and there are real costs.

Here are three of the most important areas I've noticed as I grow older and how I try to deal with those changes.

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Training volume and Intensity

As you get older, you need to adjust your training volume and intensity, usually both have to decrease.

When I was younger I was able to work hard all day and sprint in the morning doing HIIT-like training at lunch and lifting weights, I seemingly had an infinite amount of energy and never had a problem with overtraining.

The older I got, the more I have to change, I go hard every day, now I have to choose my places. 19659002] These days, I work out twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, so I can not work hard for both sessi to make that kind of work possible Ons I'm falling apart I need to switch between hard and easy sessions.

If So I go hard in the morning, I go easy at night and when I go easy in the morning, I go hard at night.

What do I mean, hard and easy?

My hard training would be when I raise heavy (or until failure) or when I breathe heavily. These workouts can be my weekly strength training, hypertrophy workouts, or interval workouts. My simple exercises usually focus on practicing techniques or simple cardiovascular work or mobility work.

Throughout the week, I aim for a 50/50 split between hard workouts and easy / restorative workouts. Regardless of the number of sessions I attended, I maintain this relationship. This is important to stay injury-free and to fight the effects of aging as well.

No more stupid sh * t

There used to be a day when I tried to compete with everyone. I see somebody doing a workout and I would have to try it too. I've heard of a "wild" workout challenge, and I want to test myself and see if I could do it either. If my friend would lift a weight, I would try to lift more.

At my age, this is a surefire way to get hurt. I also learned this lesson the hard way. I can not keep up with a 20-year-old. When I try, there are only two results: I get hurt. Or I finish the training, maybe "win", but then I'll be hurt or have to cancel my training program for the next few days.

Remember this simple sentence: "Nobody wins training". My goal is to improve, not to play in a game that nobody cares about.

The next time you see a kid on the internet making 1,000 burpees for the time or lifting a hefty weight, ask yourself if you really need to do . Ask yourself if you are even capable of doing so. Everything is "risk vs. reward" and as you get older, the risk goes through the roof.

The best advice I could give an aging athlete is to stay in your lane.

Recovery Practices

There is no free lunch. Everything has costs and everyone has to pay.

A younger athlete does not need so much sleep and does not have to worry about rest and restful work. As you get older, that changes dramatically. It's for me

When I was younger, I rarely needed a massage, an ice bath or a foam roller. Lately these things are all I do.

If you ask me today (and I've told you honestly), I'd tell you that I probably spend more time in a spa than at the gym. I'm trying to train a 2: 1 ratio for restorative work. This means that every time I train, I want to include two recovery practices. I use the sauna, ice baths, contrast showers, relaxing walks, air compression shoes, stretching, foam rollers and massages.

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Before you know how you do not have enough time and money for it All these things – I understand that. I really understand that. I'm fortunate to have a career in the fitness industry that gives me the freedom to recover so much, I know that most people do not have that time Do not even train ten times a week and may not need so much rest [19659002] Here's a simple rule: Choose a restore method once a day and do that. You can choose from the list above You also need to be over the top in your choice – if you only spend 20 minutes a day training, you'll pay incredible dividends .

What does all this mean?

Can you be fit at 40? Yes, you can look good and feel good well and perform well Yes, it just costs a lot more than you did when you were 20.

Un Even if you pay the costs, you are still struggling to persevere. So be prepared to make some changes to your training schedule. Double the sleep and triple the rest. And do not be stupid about things in the gym. Stay in your lane, pay attention to your limitations and get ready for work.

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