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Blow up your abs with this Sprinter Situp and Gator Roll Finisher

You can do certain exercises for your abs, inclines and lower back muscles. Or you could train them all at once. And if you want a core that both looks like this (read: a six pack!) And it works like this, it is better to do the latter.

Why? Because your abs, inclines, and lower back muscles should act as a unit with your glutes, Men's Health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. And whenever possible, says Samuel, he wants you to train them like this. "This prepares your core to work with the balance you need in the real world," says Samuel. "And maybe it is just as important that you save time in your core training."

You do that with Samuel's Gator Roll for the Sprinter Situp Countup, a devilish core burner that is over in 5 or 6 minutes and gasses your entire midsection. This is done with a mix of movements that hit your core from all angles.

First, there is the Gator role, a deceptively hard movement that blows everything up. Your game plan seems simple: roll from one hollow position to another hollow position without your arms or legs ever touching the ground. "This means that abdominal muscles, oblique muscles and muscles of the lower back alternately stabilize your core and bend into the floor," says Samuel. "This is the only way to keep legs and arms away from the floor."

They also hit everything in a uniquely symmetrical way; Each part must contract tightly to lift legs and arms off the floor. From there you go into the sprinter situps in an asymmetrical movement, in which you crunch inwards with individual legs. "You use your core in different ways," says Samuel, "just like in real life." Best of all, you can run this core series anywhere.

  • Start with your back on the floor, your lower back glued to the floor, arms and legs slightly above the floor. Pull your abs together and lift your legs and shoulder blades off the floor. You are now in a hollow grip.
  • Roll left onto your stomach and then quickly onto your back. Do this without your arms or legs touching the floor. You should land in a hollow grip.
  • Go straight into sprinter situps: Hold on to a hollow grip and lift your torso while sticking your right knee to your chest. Then return to a hollow handle and repeat the movement on the other side. That is 2 repetitions.
  • Gator rolls over to the other side; Do 4 sprinter situps now.
  • Repeat the pattern until you have completed the round with 1
    0 sprinter situps.
  • pause 1 minute; do 3 sets.

    The "Gator Roll to Sprinter Situp Countdown" countdown series can be used in several ways, says Samuel. You can easily do this as the last step in almost any workout, whether it's an upper body session, a lower body workout, or a full body explosion. You can also use it as a stand-alone quick training session at any time. "When you are at home," says Samuel, "sit a lot. You can easily get up and do a couple of sets to start a core that is not necessarily used while sitting." Attack it. "

    For more tips and routines from Samuel, see our full list of Eb and Swole workouts. If you want to try an even more engaging routine, check out Eb in New Rules of Muscle

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