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Bill Hader gives his best advice on how to deal with fear

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Actor and comedian Bill Hader has just talked incredibly openly about his struggle with fear and how he has learned to cope with time. As part of a video campaign with the Child Mental Institute's anti-stigma organization for mental health, Hader said it "never really goes away" and gave its advice to younger people who might face the same problems.

I've been really scared all my life, "he said," I've done everything, from knowing that there's a big test to getting on the school bus and doing it alone, or any of that … I just did not think it would be me to do it, and there was always a little voice in my head that said, "Here are all things that could go wrong." And as you get older, that remains. When I was a boy, I was in my mid-30s when I officially tried to do something about it because it affected my job as a live television starter. For someone with massive fears, that's one Crazy job, but I loved my job, so I wanted to find out how to handle it.

Hader said a crucial moment came when he realized that. His fear was something he would always have, and when he saw her as part of himself, his mindset changed.

"And what happened to me They did it, and instead of pushing your fear away, and I always imagined my fear as that little monster attacking my face or pulling my ears, you know. And instead of pushing the thing away and trying to fight it, I'd just go. "Hey, oh hey buddy, like it's a little monkey, and I'd just go, ok, sit on my shoulder, let's go Hang around, let's just get out of the hills, there it is. & # 39; … And I wish I'd done that when I was younger, I think I did it better at school, I got it in social situations a bit better, and I would have e no life lived in fear.

Anxiety Disorders Are One Of The Most Commonly Diagnosed Mental Illnesses Hader hopes that sharing his story will encourage children and adolescents with the concern to proactively take care of their own psychological well-being 19659005] "And so, not to fight it, You know, that's a big deal, "he said," Many people have it … But you can do it and you can figure it out. And to do it when you are younger is best if you have these tools when you are younger and I wish I had done it. But if I can do it … when I found out that it really was like that when I was 37, you can find out. "

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